Bogstandard GAA photos


Apart from the hurlers bit.


Fuckin Benjen Stark


All we’re missing is the grassy knoll and the picket fence.


What the fuck is that, a flower vase stuck onto a bit o timber?


It’s the “empty vessels of the year” award. He’s accepting on behalf of the team.


Makes sense given who’s presenting it



I wonder if the little football is detachable? A little desk game to see who can fist the ball into the flower vase.

Bonus points if you kick it.


I can see it now, 14 lads guarding the vase




Is @flattythehurdler gone full time with the GAA trophy business now?


This lad hasnt aged a bit.



What a guy, I love Joe Canning,
Reminds me of the old gag where a lad walks in and sees his missus in bed with a Cork hurler, he sneaks downstairs to make him a cup of tea, Joe is surely not far off that status in reality in Galway.



Anyone care to guess the 2 wexford senior all Ireland winners in this photo when they were minor? To help, the 2 to guess are bottom left and top right.


George O’Connor & Billy Byrne?


Tony Doran and Billy Byrne.


that didnt take long!

Some head of hair on Billy Byrne.


Am I a winner :trophy:?