Bogstandard GAA photos


Fuck sake


Did one team play with the ears?


They look like very old minors.


And not even the oldest looking Cork minors to tog out


Mark Foley, Cathal Casey, John Fitzgibbon, Christy Connery, and of course Tom Kingston in there.
I’ve a feeling that Mickey Mullins should be there but I don’t spot him.
Who’s that back left @Turenne or @caoimhaoin or anybody else, looks very familiar.


The goalie looks like he’s checking his mobile.


Mullins was way younger than that lot i would think


I have it now, It’s Brian Murphy who went to Kildare.


Hon Kiltha Óg!!


Paddy Hayes i think.
Fucking giant. Played football against him, it was farcical anything in the tight or the air. I could get into space alright but some of the lads were either retarded or they thought it was funny balooning ball down on top of us


Is that the same PARC ui Chaoimh that according to loads of lads in the know and working on its construction is currently closed due to safety concerns and should never have been opened, @caoimhaoin ?


Kieran McGuikian too in front row 3rd from left


It was used yesterday


Wasn’t there a Mark Mullins from Carlow that hurled with Cork in the 90’s, a ginger wing forward? Where’s Fitzgibbon in that photo? He still in Boston?


What year was that? Ye haven’t seniors that big now.


84 or 85


Thought it might be Croke Park on that awful bad day in the semifinal against Galway in 85 but that looks like the Gaelic Grounds.


Fitzgibbon is second from the right in the back row.
@caoimhaoin that’s almost definitely Brian Murphy, Paddy Hayes probably a couple of years older. I often played against him myself, I played my first ever senior match against the Barrs and marked Mick Slocum.


What a footballer he was. Rolls Royce of a player. Was he coming to the end then?

I only marked Paddy is an intermediate league game in february, but it sticks out as a nightmare cos of the lads. And even though i had the balls i didn’t have the standing to be listened too so it fell on deaf ears. Some dopey cunts in our club all the same.

I know Murphy was big but never realised he was that big. He lost those shoulders by the time he ayed with Kildare.


Colorado. Scillachi. Best nickname ever for a hurler

Mark Mullins played in the lean years. Setious operator. Was part of a great Na Piarsaigh side who to be honest left a few counties behind them