Bogstandard GAA photos


The lad to the front on the left is clouding your judgement, the other two could pass for u-16s.


is it not closed for safety reasons ?



Have you trouble understanding english?


you said this just last Tuesday and you said it in English


You could have just said no


You didn’t know what you were talking about, I knew that and now you do too.


You think i was talking about last weekend.

I was talking about the summer and before it and in particular the run up to Waterford game


So why is it out of commission for the football final?


Shit crowd for the football.


Its not. Its back on there.

They had football final and last weeks hurling semis originally fixed for Pairc i Ring. Then they changed the hurling early last week (on website at least) and within a day or so the football final too.



Mrs Heff has something about her ?


A collection of cunts right there.


She would absolute kill ya


Is that Robbie the Racist and Henry Shefflington?




Very nice people. Robbie would still be one of the soundest people i ever knew. Heart of gold and as genuine as they come.


It is, who is the other bloke?


He seems to be a good lad alright but you’ll get lashed by the TFK sheep for saying that, the same fellas will abuse travelers to the ends of the earth and see no hypocrisy in it.
I’ve known Marion’s family all my life and they’re sound as can be, you’d be about the one age with her brother John who played cross channel?


Is it one of the O’Donovan brothers?