Bolsonaro hero of the Brazilian people/fascist destroyer of democracy

I never said the term Latin America was racist

But claiming endemic corruption in the Americas is exclusive to Latin America is most definitely racist

What a surprise that my post flew over your head

What the fuck would you know about ordinary people in Brazil, or anywhere for that matter?

Bolsonaro was elected in 2018 due to the leftist mismanagement of the economy by the “Workers Party” (why is that that “Workers Parties” worldwide are always so inept?) which resulted in the worst recession in Brazil’s history in 2014-16. Ordinary Brazilians are doing much better now than they were in 2014-18.

I don’t agree with much of Bolsonaro’s policies, but on the economic front he (or rather Guedes) has been doing the right things, pro growth, pro business, lower taxes. To a leftist like yourself however, “ordinary people” obviously prefer economic collapse as in Venezuela.

@labane1917 cleaning house here, like a Spanish/French/Portuguese speaking maid who’s terrified of being deported

Corruption exists wherever politicians are found. Latin America is considerably more corrupt than the US or Canada. You would know that if you ever visited any of the countries mentioned, other than following the Twitter feed of fellow lunatics.

There is nothing racist about pointing out facts. Latin America is considerably more corrupt and violent than the US and Canada. If you don’t believe me look at the homicide rates or violent crime rates. Brazil which is by no means the worst in Latin America has a murder rate 3X the US (which is high in itself).

Ordinary people tend to be similar enough wherever you go

You appear to think that Brazilians are some sort of sub-species

I was out in a group including a Brazilian lady on Friday night in Galway as it happens and talking to her about this very subject, including Moro

I don’t post here to read regurgitated bollocks from the Wall Street Journal editorial pages defending fascist scumbags, so don’t bother cutting and pasting from there in support of your latest fascist hero

I’m not sure why you keep mentioning Venezuela in a thread about Brazil

Perhaps you should mention Charlie Haughey as it has about as much relevance

Then again all South Americans are just faceless piccaninnies to you

I note you haven’t dealt with the endemic corruption of Bolsonaro and his fascist cronies and neither have you dealt with why you decided to exempt the USA from being endemically corrupt

It’s like listening to Matt Gaetz

Jaysus now the other fella is using the “some of my best friends are Brazialian argument”


Corruption is not endemic in the US, or something

Our cleaner is Brazilian and she replaced our former cleaner; she was also Brazilian.

She isn’t one of my best friends

It was the first time I’d met her

She is an ordinary Brazilian however and despises Bolsonaro

Many ordinary Brazilians did vote for him

Con artists tend to be good at leading ordinary people like a pied piper

The guy is a disaster for Brazil and a corporate fascist dedicated to enriching the richest even further and spreading every sort of hatred and division through an already divided country

He is dedicated to abolishing democracy

Believe them when they tell you

Ordinary people never gain under scum like him

You are well qualified to wade in here so mate going by the current criteria.

Venezuela is very relevant as it exactly what happens when leftist ideologues get into power, and where Brazil was headed under the Workers party. Leftists hate to see an economy doing well if the government is conservative, it drives them demented. They would much prefer to see everyone in misery like themselves.

Why would I visit a country if I felt the way you claim? I’ve been to Mexico several times, Brazil, Venezuela, and Argentina. The people are by and large wonderful, hospitable and good fun to be around. Latin America also has high crime rates and deeply corrupt governments, pointing that out isn’t racist, it’s reality. Most of my good friends here by the way are Hispanics as white native born Americans tend to be boring.

Again, everyone who disagrees with you is a fascist, you are such a man child.

You should really ignore the lad who has been to Brazil, has friends who are knowledgeable on Brazilian politics and listen to the lad who lives in his parent’s house in Galway and has only left the country to visit football stadiums in Europe.

…and yet the economy has recovered from the worst recession in history, but of course ordinary people are not affected at all by deep recessions :joy:

What does she think of Bolsonaro?

I’ve eaten in a couple of Brazilian restaurants so I’m well able to form my own opinions

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Your idea of an economy doing well is the destruction of labour laws, destruction of regulation, wage suppression for ordinary workers, tax cuts for the rich and an ultra-corporate agenda

Basically your ideas are straight out of the 1920s robber barons’ handbook

You think storing up a massive bubble is “sound economic management”

This stuff is so thoroughly discredited it’s laughable

What isn’t laughable is the effect is has on ordinary people

I only call fascists fascist

That seems fair to me

You call everybody who disagrees with you a communist and a nutcase

I think people are growing very tired of your sneering, humourless, pro-fascism rot

She cleans on Fridays when I’m in work but I might ask my life partner to ask her.

Brazil experienced a recession because of a commodities bust, the growth of personal debt and the fallout from the US financial crash which was caused by the exact same so called “libertarian” bullshit you peddle on this forum

It had fuck all to do with the government being left-wing

The Brazilian right wing concocted a conspiracy specifically so it could imprison its main political opponent

It’s amazing you have nothing to say about this

That is fascism 101

Lula should be released immediately and Bolsonaro impeached

And you only fresh from talking to a black fella (lovely lad)

My idea of a good economy is one where business is encouraged, especially small business, where stupid regulations are eliminated, where risk takers are rewarded, and taxes lowered on working people. I do not agree with taking money from people who work for a living and giving it to able bodied people who have no interest in working, but demand welfare and free stuff.

Corporations and the rich should pay more taxes, the biggest obstacle there is the large technology firms like Google and Apple pay no tax or as little as possible. The changes to the US tax code are actually resulting in large corporations paying more tax (20% may be lower than 36% but it is larger than 0%).