Bolsonaro hero of the Brazilian people/fascist destroyer of democracy

I think this Bolsonaro lad aka “Tropical Trump” will need a thread of his own over the coming months.

Seems like a cross between Trump and Duerte.
Looser gun laws, more police killings, crack down on “fake news”, combining the Agriculture and Environmental protection department etc etc etc.

He’s going to raze the Amazon forest to the ground for starters by the sounds of it.

Trump thinks he’s a great bloke anyway. Some talk that himself and Trump will combine to take action on Venezuela as well.

I’m very excited by this election. He clearly means business

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We need an expert on Brazilian politics in here @Sidney


I like him becuase he drives Ewan McKenna insane.


I see the so called “anti-corruption” judge Sergio Moro, who is now Brazil’s justice minister, has been been outed as being deeply corrupt - he colluded with prosecutors to create the case against Lula which he himself then judged

What a surprise, said absolutely nobody

The whole thing was transparently a plot to put Lula in jail and keep the leftist PT party out of power

One of the ways fascism works is to corrupt the legal system and jail your opponents

The scumbag Bolsonaro of course has said nothing, his regime is specifically designed to benefit the corrupt, rich corporate elite

Amazing, or more precisely, utterly predictable how right wing so called “anti-corruption campigners” usually turn out to be the most corrupt of all - way, way more corrupt than those they claim corruption against

I wonder can posters here think of any right wing so called “anti-corruption campaigner” in Ireland like that

Expert on Brazilian politics now.

Brazil need to look to their northern leftist neighbors to learn how to do corruption properly. Nobody does corruption like the bus driver and his cronies.

I don’t claim to be an expert on Brazilian politics, pal, but I do have a reasonable grasp of what’s going on there

That’s unlike you, who thinks he’s an expert on Venezuela yet knows the square root of fuck all about it

Still, no difference in your lack of knowledge of Venezuela to your lack of knowledge anywhere else

Your defensive response to the Brazil corruption story is noted

As is the defensive response of the other Bolsonaro lover in chief below you

The two of you are a joke

I’ve no knowledge of Brazilian politics and can freely admit that. You on the other hand :smile:

Fixed that for you bud

I’ve been to Brazil multiple times and Venezuela once, and have several close friends from both countries that have actually lived there, are politically active, and are very knowledgeably on what is going on there. First of all you have to start with the fact that all of south America is as corrupt as fuck, regardless of what flavor of political party are in power. Left, right or centrist regimes, all corrupt as fuck. Same with central America and Mexico, corrupt and extremely violent societies.

Your problem is you only see evil in right wing regimes and see left wing regimes as a solution, when the evidence says the opposite. The experiment with socialism in Venezuela has destroyed what was a prosperous country which should have the highest standard of living in the continent, and turned what was the safest country to live in or visit into one of the least safe. I wouldn’t dream of going to Venezuela now as it is extremely unsafe, in fact most of the Venezuelans I know wouldn’t go back, even to visit. This doesn’t bother you in the slightest as “left wing good, right wing bad”.

The countries that are making most progress are Chile and Uruguay, Colombia is also going in the right direction.

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You eulogised Bolsonaro because you see him as being “on your side”

The Wall Street Journal told you he was good, didn’t they, they said he was anti-corruption when him and his ilk are the most corrupt of all, I see a pattern emerging

Gobshites like you have no problem whatsoever with massive corruption and all sorts of hateful, fascistic shite, because they’re on “your side”

Well done on cheerleading for yet another hopelessly corrupt fascist, true to form

What an asset to Kamala Harris’s campaign you must be, I jest obviously

You can’t spell asset without ass

Some of my best friends are Brazilian :joy::joy::joy:

Aren’t those pesky socialists in power in Uruguay?

Please point out where I eulogised Bolsonaro, you bluffing liar.

I see you conveniently ignored your leftist heroes in Venezuela again, can’t accept that a leftist regime can be so corrupt and turn what was a wealthy and safe country into a shit hole. Which is of course every radical leftists dream, to turn all prosperous countries into shit holes. All based on envy from useless cunts who never worked an honest day in their lives.

The ruling Frente Amplio coalition are center left. Nothing inherently wrong with center left, centrist or center right, although all are just as prone to corruption as it is endemic in Latin America.

This was your response to Bolsonaro winning

It sounded like you were very happy

That’s either because you really like Bolsonaro or because you really hate the ordinary Brazilians who stand to suffer under him

Although it could be, and probably is, both

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Latin America

Why the “Latin” bit, mate?

Looks like yet more racism on your part

Latin America is the common term in the Americas for countries that speak Spanish, Portugese, and French, you know languages that have a Latin root.

Wouldn’t expect a clown who has never been to the Americas to be familiar with that though.