Bookmakers and general Money Laundering on the Dark Web

Its hard to dccipher the chain of events that lead to 8 selections on a docket including the KK game (without a strikethrough on it) unless your friend submitted the bet. They scanned it. The original selection with 8 teams could not be processed. The original docket stayed scanned. The cashier and your friend agreed to cross out the KK game manually. Rescanned it. Perhaps there was some human error here then on part of cashier or a checker who may have seen the same bet twice at the end of a lonf day and discarded the right one. I find it hard to believe there is something very underhand happening but then you do hear some bookies who act in very bad faith.


I no there is instances of this @johnnysachs. In this case no. He went to counter handed in the slip, asked were they all ok and staff member said yes straight away. As per usual they never bothered checking all the selections . There was never a discussion about the crossed of selection or rescanning etc until he went in to collect the bet. As i said before i have a feeling the bet was never inputted right at all. They came up with a loads of nonsense about a problem with the bar code etc for two days.

Just a quick update on this. Ibas have looked for a total copy of the scanned bet including barcode time shop number etc from Boyles. I am just wondering if anyone ever had experience with a related bet if all selections came up. @Copper_pipe. I no you no a trader. What would happen here. would they offer a certain amount and i am wondering if the bet would come up void in the till if all selections won and one was related to another. As i said before i am convinced this bet was never inpoutted correctly at all. Its coming to a conclusion one way or another soon anyway.

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I’d say void but

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Done 10k today

I was about to post about this. Some kick in the arse and then you have entry fees plus wages for staff on (I think) two pitches? He’s taking them to a steak house tonight as well it says. So he’ll definitely be down north of €11k for the day. Hard to see him making that back too easily over the next 30 days.

The DRF would want to see a lot of favs beaten

An update on my battles with the blue scum from Ibas today.

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You might want to cut off a bit of that picture.

Deleted there jahan just in case.

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What’s the update?

Gone to Ibas Adjudication panel. Five weeks or so before a decision.

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A good scelp of it back over those two days I’d say