Boris for No.10

Singing in.


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the output from no 10 will never change, pal

I know. This fella swallowed thousands off us all over the course of his prolonged education under the tutelage of @Joe_Player and the pair of them can barely string a sentence together. Grunting at one another in smileys and capitals.

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You’re not very up to date on British politics are you?

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Enda Kenny’s coefficient will take a serious spike if Boris & Trump manage to get elected

Never mind Boris, we want Moggy

Boris is a chancer. He was sidelined after Cameron won the majority. In fairness, he went for broke and went against his principles to back Brexit. Backed by the nerd Gove. And the landed the gamble. I don’t think he will land the PM job. The knife wielder never wears the crown in England.


He wielded no knife, he gambled and won. Cameron was very much the architect of his own downfall, he could have stalled that referendum for years if he’d wanted

I agree. Cameron delivered a majority, the first in 24 years. He should have told them to fuck off or at least to wait until after the French election next year. If Boris and Gove had not been in the front of the out campaign Remain would have won comfortably. I believe Boris has acted in pure self interest and avoided being sidelined. Let’s see how it pans out. No doubt there will be a “stop Boris” candidate.

Boris and Trump are the key ticket to save Western values.

This is great. The UK has voted to destroy itself for no other reason than for the laugh. It’s like when Tipp brought back Babs Keating, except funnier.

Boris hasn’t a fucking breeze, except the one coming out his arse.

Hilarious speeches about whiff whaff and ping pong coming home are one thing, handling the utter quagmire of withdrawing from Europe, a party that may well split over the issue, and the unstoppable forces that are about to destroy the UK is another matter entirely. He’s going to make some balls of it.

You literally could not make it up.

Singing/Signing in.

A born winner.

Is Boris really smart and acting dumb or what? He seems shrewd enough and hes obviously well educated

Christ pal…btw they are all snakes and puppets

Boris has a better chance of playing number 10 for England against Iceland on Monday night then he does of it getting into Downing street ffs.