Boxing II

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Probably afraid Croker or Lansdowne Road won’t sell out…probably right.

RDS be better than the 3arena which is a shit venue for boxing.

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Can’t see how Croke park could work for a boxing match, but doubt it would matter as half won’t watch it anyway

She didn’t get the memo

Where’s Croke Park Arena?Only way Croke Park would work is if the tickets were a tenner

The handball alley?

Covering all bases now

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I heard it was happening in the Gaelic Grounds section of Thomond Park

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Ireland loves Katie and are a shower of event junkies. Don’t underestimate this


It would be a strange one to market. Not a traditional boxing crowd unless they use Irish lads on the undercard but that wouldn’t sell out the 3 arena.

They could market it to teenage girls to go with their Mammies but that wont work with the undercard needed for the boxing fans and a Saturday evening fight. Possibly earlier start than 5pm and main fight around 8pm but that wont work for Dazn.

Cheapest tickets for boxing is normally €80 going up to ringside, for this fight, probably €250. I cant see the women of Bray with two kids forking out at least €240 on tickets alone to see Katie.

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January 6th 2024 it is. 80k Mná na hEireann in Croker

It’ll be renamed without the r for the night.

They couldn’t even sell out the Hotel in Bray for her first fight after the Olympics when she won gold.


Exactly this, in Ireland she is someone people respect immensely but they will not pay to see her fight.

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80k in croker watching wimmins boxing :joy: ah that’s cheered me up

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GAA getting the blame…

They must be trying to get it cheap to sell the tickets at €30

Beterbiev - Yarde about to start.

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul just had a farcical staged face off

Some round.

This is great stuff

I was watching with the volume off, only getting comms now. I thought Yarde was sticking in well but Beterbiev was well in control. The BT crew might have been watching a different fight

It’s close

Yarde was able to hang with Kovalev when he was near his prime, he’s no mug tbf