Brazil Backers Sign In

Lets go :muscle: :muscle:

Signing in for the Seleção Canarinho

We Are Going To Do It. :trophy:

Go way you Jinx!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Best two goalkeepers in the competition and a decent defence. A dependable number 10. Everything Argentina hasnt got.

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We were bad enough with @Lazarus but we are sunk for sure now :cry:


We are in trouble

We’ll be fine

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Brazil might be more balanced without him

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Moving fine, 4-6 days.

Tournament over looking at the swelling there, high ankle sprain 4-6 weeks.

I’m not far off moving my bags to Spain

The Brazilian team doctor will be telling Neymar to make the shapes of all letters of the alphabet with his injured foot in AaBbCC format. Get it moving. He’ll be grand.

They’ll always have the win over South Korean and the dancing.

You’ve fucked two nations now. Stay away from Argentina you Jonahs bastard

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My account was hacked. I’m back now. Let’s go Argentina

Richarlison will just have to pick himself up now for the trip to Brentford on Boxing Day.

We are now officialy the 33rd county of Ireland :brazil: :brazil: