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Brian Barwick is to leave his post at the FA at the end of this calendar year, according to John Champion on Setanta.

Unbelievable, and it’s knocked me for six.

As John himself said, it’s probably not yet worth speculating on the reasons for the bombshell until the facts emerge and due to the machiavellian nature of the politics within the corridors of power in FA Headquarters. I couldn’t have put it more concisely and succinctly myself. I was rocked by the news to such an extent that I actually shat myself.

Thought the breaking news was Silvestre joining Arsenal.

[quote=“Jugs”]Brian Barwick is to leave his post at the FA at the end of this calendar year, according to John Champion on Setanta.

Unbelievable, and it’s knocked me for six.[/quote]

should have put a warning on the thread title- im shocked also

Was wondering why he didn’t show for the pomp of the prematch arrangements. Soho Square will be flooded with well wishers already I’m sure.

Sky Sports News Presenter Guy: ‘Remind us all of the exact chain of events on this most extraordinary of evenings.’

Sky Sports News Reporter Guy: ‘The incredible news began to filter out about 30 minutes ago…’

And so on. And so on.

These lads are actually serious.

Fooking hell.

The news has obviously got to the players. England 2-1 down

I expect it’ll be like Lady Di all over again. I’m going to tell my London based friends to leave some flowers there on my behalf.

I’m not going to speculate on this thread because it should be left for good wishes for Mr Barwick and the other administrators but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if this wasn’t something to do with the move from Lancaster Gate to Soho Square. That always sat uneasily with me and a traditionalist like Mr Barwick would doubtless have found it hard to stomach.

Brian Barwick - Man and Administrator

I’ve been moved to write a short tribute poem in honour of Brian Barwick.

I call it:

Man and Administrator

You graced Soho Square with your administrative flair,
Your funny little moustache, your lovely ginger hair,
Swedish Sven didn’t share your football vision,
Subsequently sacking him was your Chief Executive decision,
Big Phil Scolari simply didn’t want to know,
So you unveiled Steve McClaren to run the show,
But the former 'Boro man was an embarrassing clown,
Fooking up Euro 2008 qualification and bringing England down,
You moved very quickly to appoint Fabio Capello,
An impressive track record and seemingly a lovely fellow,
Working with commitment and diligence and every minute spent,
On the foundation of a National Football Centre in Burton-Upon-Trent,
Then it came so unexpectedly but quite incredibly you were gone,
Were you pushed out in a power struggle or decide yourself to move on?
Enough! Your tenure is over, it’s the end, you have had your day,
Sign the confidentiality agreement, take the pay-off and say sweet FA.

That’s beautiful Bandage. I didn’t think mere words could do justice to the great man but you have confounded that belief.

Almost two months on and I still haven’t quite come to terms with this.

The thing that gets me is they’re keeping us in the dark about his replacement. Why not get someone lined up and let us get on with our lives?

Who are the viable options though?

David Sheepshanks
David Dein
Paul Bealin
David Gill
John Meyler
Peter Kenyon
Gay Byrne

Anyone else?

Phillippe Trousier?

Bertie Ahern?

Douglas Hurd?

Alastair Darling. Cool head in a crisis this guy has.

Terry Venables?

Sarah Palin