Brexit a dó

Not sure there’s any point setting this up as brexit is done now and will surely disappear…


The negotiations to start the negotiations could possibly be over, then the negotiations can really start.

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The end of the beginning.

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I can’t wait for Breturn. It will be a joyous occasion.

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No at 4/5 seems big?

Boris Johnson (or somebody dressed as him) is climbing Big Ben with what looks like an Irish and EU flag.

I should never have doubted him. A political colossus

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Our core purpose is to serve Britain’s shoppers a little better every day and being a Customer Delivery Driver you are the first face our customers see, Tesco Ireland( Cork based) looking for a delivery driver via indeed🤔I ask you, empire is still alive over yonder it seems

No has shortened slightly, it was 5/6 either way until lunchtime there, I think it was 8/11 on No last night

Yes was 5/4 last night and I think 7/4 yesterday lunchtime

Dom Nice But Dim never fails to amuse

This was the easy bit

Yes is still evens

I’d advise everybody to plough in now

Sterling is surging

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Talk now that Philip Hammond may be OUT

An MP’s intentions HUB may be needed for this

Bets were obviously hedged in a massive way.

The forum will be fucked when Brexit is done and the rugby world cup ends.



Yes now 4/6

No is out to 11/10