Brexit a dó


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Brexit is going to last 35 years

Andrew Pierce reckons 2-6 votes for the deal.

We’ll still have Tottenham Hotspur.

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We’ll have to start a new thread for the next season of All or nothing.

No it won’t. This shit is only occupying us until the hurling starts back.


Really serious stuff, obviously, but the most amusing bit is that Eoghan Harris, once again, has been utterly wrong, in his bombast, about what would happen.

Tune in Sunday to witness extraordinary gymnastics about how – somehow – being a Stickie means never having to say sorry.

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Are you joking me - I expect Harris to say I told you so all along… that the backstop had to go for a deal to be struck. He is never wrong !

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Is it time we had a adult conversation down south about the DUP becoming a serious force in the dail?

Jesus it would have been epic if Sinn fein decided to take their seats and support Boris in exchange for 100m to develop the Falls road.

The DUP would have spontaneously combusted


I’ve bet €20 of real money on Yes at 1/1, mate

When you see serious betting value on something you want to lose, you might as well go for it

For the same reason I’ve bet €500 on Manchester United to beat Liverpool on Sunday at 1/2

Whatever about the former, I’ll definitely be collecting on the latter

They’d have paddy over a barrel after every election. FFG would cumbust. If a few Brits with sticks can bring to paddy to heel from Dublin castle for centuries I’d give it 10 years before the DUP are creaming it in Ireland.


The DUP and the Cark cunts could be a powerful alliance.

Eoghan Harris: "Third, I predicted that even if he [Boris Johnson] does not need the DUP, he will not dump on Northern unionists - as our tribal Government and media hopes he will do in a betrayal of both republican principles and the Good Friday Agreement (GFA).

To me these are not predictions but rational conclusions from facts our Green Groupthink have refused to face."

You really are a ferocious eejit – not just in the ‘pantomime within a pantomime’ multiple identities but in what you bruit.

The hind tit is a bitter draught.

BBC Spotlight reporter

Who are they gonna target? It was their own wot fucked them

Jim Allister called this from the very start. Jim is the only credible voice for unionism now.

They might burn Union Jacks


They are out of practise and will be looking for easy targets. How are the bomb disposal units in the likes of Galway,Limerick,Letterkenny etc coming along?