Brexit a dó

The LE Christian Cullen?



You still haven’t answered the questions I asked you a couple of days ago. I’m genuinely curious as to your thoughts on it.

I’ve kinda given it above… Radar and sea is probably where we should be aiming. I think the armed forces (military/ navy) should be paid better and implement more defensive training… But as i said above, we’ll never repel a serious invasion nor do i see one ever happening so I don’t see the need to have lots of shiny toys for this scenario. But we should be able to detect aircraft coming into our airspace far better than we have to date - the danger here is to the UK more than us. If the tans want to scramble over paddy airspace , with some level of protection extending to us, then the least we can do is give them adequate warning. I believe belligerent states have tested UK response times by encroaching in Irish airspace numerous times.

We’re an island so sea defense and detection capabilities is a no brainer.

Ultimately, i think we can do our bit, improve our defence but still remain neutral. Cyber protection should obviously be high on our priorities.

I actually think Ireland is extremely well placed to act as peacemaker the world over. We’re not regarded as a threat but for a small island we have a great level of respect and reach on the international stage. We do immense humanitarian work and our boys are generally well regarded as peace keepers.

We should make Ireland a centre for peace and reconciliation. Have all the big dogs come for vital talks… Great bit of visibility and tourism opportunity for the country :+1:. And Guinness doesn’t travel that well do the lads will all appreciate pints after vital talks.


Personally I think we should keep a low profile on the global peace front or some wonk or China or Russia will point a nuke at us because, well, why not?

That works too.

But given the option of NATO membership or being an active member of an EU army I’d rather op for a role as peace makers, man :v::peace_symbol:

EU army for me. And a low profile otherwise.

War monger

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We’ve just quadrupled our national fleet. If such exponential growth continues, we’ll probably be compelled into invading Britain so as to civilise them and ease the strain on our resources. Hopefully we can show restraint when the time comes.

Microsoft are seething with Brexit Britain


Modern life is rubbish

‘Ave some of that you facking hypocrite

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He’ll have to suck that one up.


A 28-year-old British-born man who has never left the country has spoken of his devastation after being told he will be deported to Portugal, from where his parents arrived more than 30 years ago, under a post-Brexit policy towards EU nationals convicted of crimes.

Dmitry Lima was born in Lambeth, in south London, does not speak Portuguese and has never travelled abroad but he was given a deportation order by the Home Officeafter serving a prison sentence for drugs offences and for carrying a Taser.

That will learn him

He can bring over a couple of pints of wine on the plane

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Ireland should do the same, send these wasters back to where they came from

We export most of our useless cunts to England already mate.

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You couldn’t make it up.

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