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There might be an exit pole (ak)


There is no exit poll.

If the bit of rain causes a Brexit majority, will that be used as the reason for another referendum? If you thick fuckers can’t get it right the first time, keep voting until you do (Lisbon)

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i heard that but you have confirmed itt feck

There will be another vote?

It’s clear the majority of politicians in the UK and the EU want the UK to stay (of course they do, turkeys don’t vote for Christmas, the EU provides politicians with a second career path should they fail at one). In the (unlikely) event of a close Brexit outcome, a reason will be found for a second referendum and the fear mongering will start in earnest.

Sterling has rose to a 6 month high

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European votes are funny in that people in Ireland use them to air their grievances with the government of the current day now (we shouldn’t have even been voting on Lisbon but that’s another story).

It was similar enough in the UK up until the last couple of weeks, but this is a serious vote unlike most of the Irish ones so the economic argument has come in more and more. Ultimately people don’t like uncertainty so Remain should get the win.


And the killing of Jo Cox RIP should swing the remain vote

The machine has Remain at 1.18 and Leave at 6.2. This will be a cakewalk

Against what currency? Sterling is trending up this week due to an expected Bremain outcome, but is still down about (7%) against the Euro and (3%) against the USD compared to 6 months ago.

I heard an interesting point on the radio yesterday that basically you might end up with a situation that Scotland keeps England in the EU and then within a few years could leave the United Kingdom.

I think that maybe brought the laxadaisical remain voters who may not have bothered otherwise out to vote a bit, rather than changed any views.

HOW only for 2 years??

You think ???

Yes I do Joe. Never mind the polls, the betting markets are where it’s at

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