BREXIT thread


and yet they let it easily take place. he’s fucking idiot.


We sent that clown @Spidey to the Pendulum Summit and he missed this.


Oh I caught it. Boris was absolutely box office for the first 30 mins on his tod. He was like a rude schoolboy with Dobbo.


Scarleh for May


Right-wing nationalism* in a nutshell.



Sadly every country has sorts like that, though Brexit has given them some extra confidence here. What is a more worrying for normal citizens is that the UK now has ministers like this…


Jeremy Corbyn on Andrew Marr now.


He used the word “remain” a lot more than I expected.

John McDonnell on Channel 4 News on Friday was trumpeting quite loudly that he was a Remainer.

The Labour leadership is preparing the ground for the big shift.

They better be, anyway, or they’re toast.




Irish Brexit/Irexit charlatan Ray Bassett just compared the treatment of Jacob Rees-Mogg to the treatment of Jo Cox on Marian Finucane’s South Dublin Coffee Morning.



Warnock will be out of a job before the Brits are out of the EU.


Whatever about been out of a job, he’s not going to have to worry about Europe with Cardiff City.


He did.


Next week we speak to Jurgen Klopp about how the geggenpress could reduce hospital wait times


There should be a Brexiteers v Remainers football match to decide what happens.

Warnock looks to be the obvious candidate for the manager’s job with the Brexiteers. Peter Shilton would be in goal with Chris Waddle on the (right) wing. I’ve a few other likely candidates in mind for selection but I don’t think they’ve publicly declared themselves available, so Warnock might have to conscript them like in World War I.

There could be conflict among the ex-Tottenham contingent as Gary Lineker would undoubtedly be leading the line for the Remainers. Gary Neville and Pat Nevin would no doubt be linking up on the flank.

It would be interesting to see what side committed Labour suppporter Steve Perryman would declare for. The vast majority of Labour supporters are Remainers but I wonder whether Perryman might be an old-school socialist of the Corbyn variety who would prefer Leave.


The arrogance is dripping off that man.


Graham Souness is a proud Brexiteer too.


not a surprise


Mon the blue noses,ppl rushing to shout racism,tut tut etc