BREXIT thread


I can see his appeal to a certain type of Fine Gael voter who don’t give a fuck about anyone else, and happily for them varadkar doesn’t give a fuck about anyone beyond that constituency anyway.


Whrereas you hang out with nobody.


Mid to late 40s


That’s pretty irrelevant. His popularity is around 50% and was as high as 60% last year with there always been a good 15% of “Don’t knows”.

People liking Varadkar or disliking him would vary from his stance on social issues to the economy to his political party. It’s a good guess that your little sample of buddies doesn’t reflect the National body.

Where is your statement about “not giving a fuck about anyone else” come from? Personally I am cooler on Varadkar now as he has been prioritizing spending and returning to the unsustainable policies of the 2000s rather than doing what he claimed he would.

I know you’re a bit myopic but surely you’ve moved beyond this Tory boy narrative on Varadkar? He is desperate to be popular and proving to be far from doctrinal. This is fueling his incredibly cringey behaviour on social media.


That would be more his voters I would have thought.


I think it’s pretty clear from nearly everything that he says that he is more interested in looking after his/FGs voters than wider society.


Yet you’re a big fan of the Tories and the Republican party in the US despite both having proved to be far more fiscally irresponsible than their Labour and Democrat counterparts for many decades standing.

So we can dismiss your post as that of a tribal moron.


You’ll need to expand on that with a little evidence, say the two budgets just gone.

A bit of critical analysis would go a long way for you.


I don’t need to do anything.


Of course you don’t, because you are incapable of articulating your points beyond glib statements and emotive language.



Incorrect. What you mean is that I don’t have the inclination to write endless long winded tripe like you.


Tim wants billions of public money to builld a wall to separate wealthy areas from the great unwashed.

“Fiscal responsibility”.


As pointed out time and time again with you, yoh do this with everyone.

Run into thread and makes confident point about said topic

point contested

a couple of replies with little to back of statement

runs away and claim superiority

It’s textbook.


If you say so.



There’s some amount of projection there. :laughing:



Dunno, 35-50 maybe. People who think friends is the ideal lifestyle.


Things just got real folks, the Grand national could be affected by Brexit according to Michael Gove.


Boris Johnson is at the Pendulum “summit” in Dublin today:


100k for Boris. The Brexit dividend.