BREXIT thread


There is a trend of incremental improvements in these votes though. Now is not the time for Mrs Brasier to get discouraged. She needs to keep plugging away.


Preparation H


I think they’ll offer a long extension. The erg, I’m not sure whether they will be prepared to lose enough face to stand down now, and vote through mark 3. It’s that or the extension though. Treasa might get it through yet. It’s the absolutely grim faced determination amongst treasa and the gammon set not to have a public vote at all costs that I find troubling.


We just need to get on with it now, leave means leave.


Pull plant.


The English Nationalists got a lock on Brexit in the referendum that they never thought they’d get. They’re not going to let that go. If Brexit is dropped now it could be at least one generation before its on the agenda again.


Alistair Campbell was very good on Sky there.



They should send Sammy Wilson to Brussels.

And leave the dopey cunt there.


Horrible little wagon on with David McCullough there, reeking of entitlement


Why on earth do they do these pieces outside in the middle of winter?


The legal position is still that the uk leaves on March 29th. It’s an absolute farce that a Tory government cannot push through the will of the people as expressed in 2016 and the GE of 2017.


Maybe the “will of the people” was a farce, have you ever considered that?

I mean if you had a referendum that promised every person in the UK £10 million, I’m sure it would would pass, but it wouldn’t mean it’s not a farce.


Ian Óg on newsnight. Looks decidedly colder than the Maldives or Ceylon


A binary question. Maybe not subtle enough for a hipster like yourself but the question was clear. Leave or Remain. Guess what you lost !


:joy::joy:every cloud etc


This is a great example of reactionary right-wing pub bore politics, and the witless, nonsensical answers you get from those who support it.

We’re seeing the outcome of reactionary right-wing pub bore politics all around the world, and it’s as disastrous everywhere else as it has been in Britain.


It’s only an example of highlighting your incessant need to be heard by saying something even more stupid than usual. Nothing more nothing less.


A lot of projection there, pal.

If you want to keep proving you’re a witless simpleton, by all means continue on, though.

I’m sure your fellow witless simpletons will keep providing you with “likes”.

Shit sticks together.


33 and counting