BREXIT thread


Somebody just learned to screenshot. :grin:

A productive day for you - at least you learned something, which is highly unusual for you.


Big Jim on bbc one now!


Farry is as thick as champ, but he made a wee boy out of Jim on talkback earlier


Seamie is gas. Going on about fifth columnists in the uk !



Fuck sake.


The Daily Fail


The fucking arrogance is breathtaking. Let’s have a vote on something that is completely off the table for the EU. Clowns.


There’s only one thing for it. Let the fucking apes off. EU shouldn’t even speak to them anymore. 29th they are either in or out. No extension, nothing, let the cunts crash out. An extension is only moving this a few months or a few years down the road.


It’s the obvious way to soften their cough. And I would love if they did it in a way. But it would fuck us in a big way.


Apparently they pay the 39 billion regardless. The smartest thing the Eu can do is let them swing for a while, let them pay the 39 and then let them back into the common market etc, but without Eu membership and representation.


The EU will have to print some of that fake money for us. Subsidies for some and miniature EU flags for everybody


I’m surprised no media outlet has gone for “Mayduro”.

“Mayday” and “Mayhem” are a bit old and obvious at this stage.


At what stage did she have control of Brexit?


If some isn’t saving a “beware the ides of May” headline or something similar for the 15th of March I’ll be very disappointed.


It’s a long long while from September to May

March Madness

For May, March came in like a lion and went out like a lamb to the slaughter

May’s Long March in the Land of the Chinese Take Away


May God forgive you


The Snarling Duds of May


Reflecting on a remarkable day, one thing that strikes me is that Cox could easily have left paragraph 19 out of his advice. It would have been a cynical thing to do but if he had done it Brexit would be done and dusted now.

It strikes me too that No 10 didn’t see his advice before he published it because if they had they’d have told him to excise paragraph 19. If that is the case it’s extraordinary mismanagement.


Incredible deal in the table for the Republic. May holding Arlene’s hoof to the flame.