BREXIT thread


This so called “plamasing” would involve the hardest of hard Brexits.

They can plamas anybody they like, but if they follow through with it, they’ll be absolutely fucked.


I’m feeling an “Instances of great plaumausing” thread coming, it would be a lovely little thread where posters could log examples of great plaumausing by them or instances where they were badly plaumaused. I may even adjudicate and pass judgement on whether they were victims of being plaumaused or successfully carried out a plaumausing themselves.



Plamás nach ea?


We’re fucked now.

Brits rolling back on their guarantees already, eu sending a kite up about our tax rate…

Whichever way the ball drops, we’ll be depending on the likes of Willie and Danny, rather than Leo and Simon, to ensure there is no hard border.


Personally I disagree with this. Ms.McEntee to me appears to be a bit scrawny and an attachment to the talks, while the Doherty one has that “gamey-up front” look about her that leads me to imagine she’d be an animal in the sack…


She is cross-eyed


That’s a classic coming from you of all people. Allegedly of course.




Are you suggested we fuck them into submission? I think they have a lock on that one.


This poor òinseach doesn’t know whether he is coming or going.


You’d get a very poor class of politician on the mainland


The Brexit Bulldog.


Changed their mind again this afternoon. Now it’s a gentlemans agreement. May must be confused.


He certainly doesn’t. He’ll be very surprised to find he’s a female idiot whatever happens.




the irish getting the runaround


We’re sitting here laughing our holes off as your adopted country becomes the laughing stock of he EU.
Your beloved PM and her “cabinet” are incompetent fools and while I’m aware you’re on the wind up it’s become stale.
Kindly inform your MP that we’re calling the shots now.


The brits toying with paddy to look like they are big players…they don’t want to progress to the real business of Brexit as they are going to get filleted by the mainlanders…this will drag on for years unless EU turns the screw…



This is a cracking list