BREXIT thread


This is the biggest self mugging off of all time, :smile:


FG should be promoting the fragrant Helen whilst dumping the vile Regina Doherty.


They really don’t like each other too by all accounts


I bet I’m correct…


Do you have any before and after pictures?

Her nose is unique.


Then they don’t get single market.


She’s the coffin surfing epitome of everything that’s wrong with politics.


The Brits said they were plaumasing the Irish lads and the “agreement” isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.




Plaumausing us


WTF does that mean?


Nobody plaumauses (like) the Irish.


As in “you are only plaumausing me”


No point mate, D4 types think of Ireland as a foreign country.


It’s a double plamas in action surely, who doesn’t know what s plamas is?


You love Oireland so much you choose to live in Oakland. :wink:


I’m Black and I’m proud mate.


I used to love plaumasing the ‘company men, alpha male’ types in the lead in to salary negotiations in the corporates, tell them how great they are, slap them on the back a few times and you generally come away with what you need.


They can say what they like. They’re gonna find out that the rest of Europe never really had that much love for them and will gladly fuck them over in negotiations. If that suits Ireland then thats an added bonus for Europe.


Sounds like a reverse BallHop here.