BREXIT thread


I see where Nigel Lawson, former Chair of the Vote Leave campaign, has applied for residency in France, where he lives.


I hope they throw the fat cunt out.


And take his daughter with him


Out of France I meant, but she didn’t fall far from the tree.


10 mile buffer zone.
Do these Brits ever learn from history at all?
My god. The arrogance of them.


This might be their worst idea yet, and that’s saying something.


Agreed. It’s not “the brits”, but the stupid fat cunts who have fallen into power, presided over by a thick venal idiot.
It is an indictment of democracy that these stupid cunts are steering the ship. Words fail me. Again.


It’s an indictment of the Brits. Democracy can work well in other countries


It’s the first past the post system. Fuck em anyway. They deserve to reap the whirlwind.
At least I’ll be able to buy beachfront in Abersoch as the housing market crashes.


The anglo-saxon world has jumped the shark.


An example of an idea that might get by, purely because no-one could fully comprehend the stupidity of it.
We’re sending you a dodgy cop and a dodgy union man. Something is afoot.


The British attitude to Brexit amazes me, keep calm and carry on appears to be the extent of the public’s engagement with it there. Developments on Brexit that are front page news over here are barely newsworthy over there. I was over in Cardiff last weekend, I was talking to a group of doctors and the lack of understanding among them about what Brexit meant or what the possibilities were was astounding. For something that’s going to affect them so much you’d expect them to have a rudimentary grasp.


And a fat failed GP leading the charge the bloated glutinous cunt.


NI is already a joint EU/UK economic area, so they just mean that NI will stay in the EU, Brexit is defeated there, and that presumably would put the border at the Irish Sea. Also this little gem at the end of that article:-

The electricity market, known as I-SEM, under which power can be traded anywhere on the island, was a product of the Good Friday Agreement, over which there is now so much hand-wringing. It is one of many developments that would have seemed impossible 30 years ago, and have not just been taken for granted, but pretty much ignored in political life.

The major weakness in I-SEM has been the lack of inter-connection across the border. One can buy the power in the other jurisdiction but it may not be possible to deliver.


The Hong Kong of Europe if they play it right.


They are pretending. Dealing with some UK colleagues who before Brexit called it a disaster and now say it presents opportunities. They have to pretend as alternative is to fold their tent



10 months.
And they haven’t a clue what to do. The business community is shitting itself and tearing its hair out over the ineptitude.


Strong and stable


10 months.
I have projectson the go with longer timelines than that and they’re only worth a couple of hundred grand.