BREXIT thread


Deep and meaningful.


The only people imposing or wishing to impose a hard border in Ireland are the EU. It’s convenient for paddy to attack John Bull as it covers up the fact we won’t ask the hard questions of our pay masters. Until this vista is confronted I would suggest it’s us who are sitting on our arse not dealing with the issues in a realistic way. Two sovereign nations say they don’t want a border, what’s the problem?


You are a complete moron.


Exhibit A your honour.




I don’t understand why the UK haven’t taken this very obvious stance. I had assumed from the get go that this it what they would do as there was/is no way the EU would just allow no border between the North and South.


They have but nobody in Eire gives it an airing as it makes us question wonderful Leo and our own values.
The uk voted for independence and we need to deal with that reality


How can you be independent without some sort of a border?


There is truth in the EU/Ireland using the border as a means to force the UK more towards the Single Market but the only conclusion to the “red lines” that May announced previously is a hard border.


The Brits voted to leave because of immigration, innit.

They voted to “secure the borders”.

Having no hard border in Ireland is a bit like locking your front door and leaving your back door and side gate wide open.


Are you really this fucking thick?

The UK voted to leave and take back control of their borders. They just forgot about Ireland and the Good Friday agreement. It’s an internationally binding treaty which makes it illegal for the Brits to impose a border like this on the island. This is an inescapable fact. The backstop option would be perfect for NI but the DUP are totally against it and have May over a barrel.

The British created this mess by voting to leave the EU and it’s up to them to sort it out.


The backstop is still a messy solution. Yes NI could benefit from being in two regulatory zones and being the frontier, but on both ends it creates problems.


The brits have said on numerous occasions they don’t want a border. So why is it an issue?


And you believe them :rollseyes:


That’s more telling the brits what they are thinking and avoiding our own responsibilities. They have said they don’t want a border in Ireland. That’s all I know.


Personally I’d be all for renaming the M1 as “the African and Pakistani Immigrants’ Safe Road to Britain” to take the piss out of the Brexiteers.


…but then have gone and either proposed some for of infrastructure or mythical technology.

They haven’t put forward workable proposals yet.


Jesus christ


Pray tell from 10,000 miles away? Please enlighten me


17000 kilometres actually (Ireland being a modern, progressive society, uses the metric system unlike medieval backwaters like the UK or the US)
What are Ireland’s responsibilities? Ireland has interests here, not responsibilities. And Ireland has every right to persue those interests.
Britain is forcing this on everyone without any concept of their own responsibilities. Or care for them.
What you’re saying is akin to Great Leader Trump and his argument that when he builds his silly wall, Mexico will pay for it and Mexico will like it.

What you’re saying is frankly bizarre.