BREXIT thread


You live in one of the most socially conservative first world countries on the planet and are referring to far more socially progressive counties as medieval? Now that’s bizarre.


Not allowed under Good Friday Agreement


My man love of Liam Dunne is really going down a stinker here alright.


What isn’t allowed?


Northern Ireland and our soft border with them is already a back door into Great Britain. It’s routinely abused by people who have been deported or are otherwise not allowed into the UK. Brexit won’t change that unless there is a hard border and, I suspect, there won’t be one.


Sticking to my guns on this. Tá ár lá ag teacht go luath. I can feel it in me waterrrrrrs.


Tá sé.
Go raibh maith agat Sasana beag.



The Rats are abandoning ship



Go on and give us the gist of the article




Draws an analogy between The Wicker Man and the current impasse, with Boris as Lord Summerisle and the DUP as Inspector Howie. Basically the DUP are after setting themselves up to be sacrificed by the mainland Brexiteers when push comes to shove.
Not entirely sure how fanatical Boris really is, although he’s probably painted himself into a corner now.


The DUP are cutting themselves off from their own - they’ll always have the hard core vote but the increasing middle are becoming seriously disillusioned with them… The mainland dont give two fucks about them.

Protestants can have a 20% say with us - or continue with their 1% within the UK… and in this instances, the majority in NI voted remain. The DUP are going against the majority in ‘their own’ country… it’s crackpot politics. They are living in a bygone era, the world has moved on.


It was a hopeless article. FoT has been in decline for a while now.


Thanks @Raylan
I think Boris is the epitome of naked ambition. The referendum result scared the shit out of him, he was the heir apparent who turned out to be the idiot Prince.
The dup can’t see past their noses. If you can be bought one day you can be sold the next.



The Daily Mail has a nice little headline today as well.


Ever since the beef tribunal .


An awful slap for the DUP. The mainlanders dont care for the UK.