BREXIT thread


She’s an awful leader. Political unionism needs to cop itself on quickly.


She couldn’t even setup a renewable heat scheme, can you imagine her trying to renegotiate something as complex as the GFA :joy:


The Brits would be rid of them in the morning if they could.


They would of course and they’d also allow any sort of fudge at all to get the border question off the table. NI could be in the EU and the UK if they played their cards right and get a ball of money off the EU and the UK to shut them up. But no, they’ll argue against themselves out of pure spite.
They could have the best of both Worlds. But they’d rather have the worst of one


That was the case in 1921 as well.


Except that prick Churchill of course.


I’d say she negotiated that renewable heat scheme just fine.


De Gaulle was adamant that the British shouldn’t be allowed into the EEC because they had a history of breaking every Treaty they signed up to so it’s grist to the mill that Arlene should suggest this.


The Brits only joined the EU so they could block it from doing anything that would threaten their dominance of the continent.


Ireland has boosted Theresa May’s hopes of breaking the impasse in Brexit talks by backing her emerging plan for an all-UK customs union with the EU.

One of the proposals she is working on — to take effect if no other solution to the Irish border issue is found — is for the whole UK to participate in a customs union with the EU.

She will offer to meet the EU half way on the vexed issue of the Irish backstop, agreeing to Brussels’ demands that Northern Ireland stay part of the single market regulatory area of the bloc. But, in return, she wants the EU to concede to Britain’s demands that under the backstop plan the whole UK, rather than just Northern Ireland, would stay in the customs union for a limited period until a UK-EU trade deal was finalised.

The “temporary” extension of the customs union would prevent Northern Ireland being carved off from the rest of the UK into a separate EU customs territory. Some British ministers expect the arrangement might in practice extend well into the next decade.

Looks like the whole thing’s been solved.


If true, thats good news.



They’ll be in the customs union forever. So they’ll leave the EU and still be bound by all its rules, but have no say in any of them. This is what I said would happen from the start. Gas cunts :smiley:


Still has to get it through parliament. Whilst this would actually the best of the possible outcomes from here, I still think there is a very good chance of this whole mess crashing into a wall.


A quare lot of Brits seem to be really thick. Some of the educated ones are quite intelligent but the average IQ is abysmally low based on my scientifically supported research.




I put some a lot of it down to a desperately uneven education system which is now falling apart at the seams, it seems. *

*based on my own scientifically supported research.



Not sure why that’s a shock. Depressing, yes, shocking, no.


Ah … it’s a bit misleading to say the least … the No voters in NI were only 44% … and there was only a 60% turnout … so when you whittle it down you’re probably looking at 87% of 44% of 60% = around 20 %???

Still a big enough figure if my maths are anyway correct which I doubt they are.


And we are talking reactionary unionists here, not normal people.