BREXIT thread


London should separate from the UK and remain.

From my travels this week, the rest of the UK is no loss


London’s a hellhole. Get out of your bubble.


It’s coming up to crunch time on Brexit. The next few weeks will decide the next 25 years. The Irish media don’t really seem to be covering it, perhaps distracted by Denis Naughten. The key developments are as follows:-

  • As revealed exclusively by @Tank on TFK a few days ago, but not by any of the Irish newspapers, May wants to change her backstop proposal under pressure from the DUP. The current plan to put an EU border down the Irish Sea will collapse her government;
  • She wants a changed backstop whereby if there’s no agreement on D-Day then the whole of the UK will stay in the customs union;
  • The Irish government have already told her this will be acceptable to them. The EU will surely agree to it;
  • She has to get her cabinet to back it first and she’ll put it to them in the next few days;
  • At least one of her ministers has already said that he won’t accept it;
  • Separately she has already agreed with the EU that the transition period which will commence after D-Day will now extend far beyond the year 2020 and in fact beyond the lifetime of her current government (cheeky Teresa);
  • So going back to the revised new backstop, it is privately accepted now by the Tories in Westminister that the UK will stay in the customs union until well into the mid 2020s at least;
  • So they are a fucking joke shop and they know it;
  • So the Euroskeptics are likely to really oppose the new revised backstop but now their opposition can’t just be for show. Now their opposition I’ll have real consequences and they can’t fake it or posture any more. Do they have the balls?;
  • If the proposed revised backstop is rejected, and it very well might be, we are almost certainly heading for a hard Brexit and in my opinion May is fatally wounded. The new leader of the Tories would have to be one of the cabinet members who opposed the new plan but he or she would just have to deliver a hard Brexit;
  • If the new revised backstop is accepted then it is unlikely that Brexit will ever happen. The UK will stay in the customs union until the mid 2020s at a minimum. By the Corbyn will probably be gone. A sizeable percentage of the older voters who voted for Brexit will be dead. They’ll eventually have a second referendum. But they’ll have a decade of ongoing uncertainty before then and their political system will end up being somewhat discredited. @Tassotti will end up humiliated.
  • Either way, hard no-deal Brexit or 10 odd years pissing around in the customs union before rejoining, their international reputation takes a permanent knock.


You couldn’t make this up


Their international reputation has been taking shots since the early 20th century.


Is backstop another invented word like Brexit?


A backstop will happen, Brexit is something for the working man to focus on until it is diluted and abandoned.
What a shitshow of a country, embarrassing display by the Brits


The brits showing the world what we always knew…


Great summary of the latest events. It’s hard to assess whether the DUP is a big fear for May or is she actually just using their messing as an excuse to put the whole UK in a far more sensible delayed Brexit.

Maybe best for the UK is that Brexit is a never-ending journey. Always on the way but never fully arrived at. It could keep a generation of Tory wafflers happy to prattle on without inflicting real damage and UK business (and the rest of the EU) could just get on with life while pretending to listen to them every now and then.


Sammy Wilson took some slappin’ around yesterday on BBC ni. First on ‘talkback’ and then on ‘the view’. It’s worth a listen, Richard Needham gets ripped into him before some kelp gatherer from rathlin finishes the job.
Talkback - 11/10/2018 - @bbcradioulster


Time for Sinn Fein to step into the breach and take their seats in Parliament


Agreed, but nothing is permanent reputation wise. People have short memories, governments even shorter.
The thing I cannot understand, simply cannot, is the absolute refusal by May to even consider a second referendum now the ramifications of brexit are becoming clearer. It would seem to help her whatever the result unless, at heart, she really is an erg level swivel eyed loon of a brexiteer.
Maybe she is.
@Fagan_ODowd called it first though. The main problem is that she is a blithering fuck wit who thinks she’s the lovechild of Maggie thatcher and gandhi.


Even a softish brexit will fuck the service industry.


Too late for that.


So the Brits will have pricked around for three years to achieve exactly nothing.


I believe I pointed this out a long time ago. They will end up with something very closely aligned to the customs union (I think they will find a way to say they’re not still in the customs union in order to make it sound more brexity). They’ll be out in name only, the EU will still govern them for anything related to trade but they won’t even have a say in the rules any more.

Gas cunts.


They are elected by the people not to take their seats. You want them to go against the wishes of the people who voted for them?

And lets say the 6 or 7 take their seat ---- who’d work with them? What the fuck would they get done? Tories wouldnt even look at them nor would Labour - it would be a complete waste of time.


They should do it for the craic


Gas to see paddy wanting uk independence to fail. There’s something deep in the Oirish psyche that’s rather quite pitiful really


Once Ireland is independent then the UK can do as they please and we wont give two fucks… You’re here championing UK ‘independence’ but you’re happy for your own country to still have foreign interference in it … you’re the worst kind of gutter snipe there is. A low life that has no loyalty or honour towards his own. A scumbag.