BREXIT thread


A slightly more evolved version of live line… a load of old loons dialing in talking about the 20s -50s


A bit harsh. Feeney and Lowry are both good value. Lowry and mcbride are useful reminders that there’s such a thing as sensible pragmatic unionism (ie they know they’re in bother and aren’t afraid to admit it)


It certainly seems to be the case that Irish businesses are preparing for the worst. There doesn’t seem to be any urgency whatsoever in Britain. Sleepwalking into it.


33 million Irish Americans or 10% of the population.


May taking a pounding.


There’s an image.


Leave means leave



Personally I have no great faith that the cabal of unelected elderly white male career bureaucrats in whom Ireland has entrusted its future won’t lose interest in this process and will commit to any old deal so long as they don’t miss dinner and a skinful before closing time.


You cynical aul codger .


That’s an interesting story. I’d be amazed if at least 1/3rd of all staff in your average South Yorkshire warehouse were not eastern European anyway. I know some employers advertised these jobs in Poland rather than the UK as they couldn’t find Brits to do the work.


So they’ll have to head home. There won’t be anyone left in Britain to do any work, at least anyone willing to work.


Amazon’s massive fulfillment centres are all worked by eastern Europeans and the likes — horrendous places to work that your average tan wont do.


I can confirm this.


Send one of these centres to the west of Ireland … Up around Leitrim.


Arent Eir moving to Sligo shortly? Almost as bad.


I think they are supposed to be close to the purchasers. Mind you no-one on the mainland bar mogg and Co will have money to buy anything, and mogg wouldn’t be seen dead purchasing from a plebeian website like amazon.


Nicely Farage has just told talkback that brexit will mean cheaper bras
Talkback - 18/10/2018 - @bbcradioulster


Why was he talking to @tallback?


Nicely Farage. FFS