BREXIT thread


He did. Even bbc employees are commenting on it. Humphreys is a bigoted chippy biased idiot He should have no place at the BBC, a taxpayer funded organisation.


That was horrendous from Humphrys, he was totally unprepared for that interview, and I believe he is trousering £400k per annum off Auntie.


You seem very up to date on the workings of UK radio and UK life in general. It’s no wonder you are an advocate for maintaining the status quo in Ireland and helping to maintain the lordly lifestyle of the pretend Labour man.


judging by the twitter machine, he got bitch slapped by coveney


In fairness to Coveney, he stood up well to the chippy little prick.


would’ve been some craic if he hadve cut across humphrys and said “I’ve started so I’ll finish”


Jesus, that was embarrassing. Humphreys used to be the royal correspondent wasn’t he? Would explain a lot.


The sun reporting on the exchange, refer to Simon Coveney as Junckers lapdog.


Oh the Empire it is finished, No foreign lands to seize…


The Sun :joy:


He wasn’t aware that the backstop had already been agreed and didn’t seem to up to speed on a number of facts. Fair play to Coveney, he rang rings around him. In fairness to FG, they have their faults but they have intelligent people in the party. If that was a Fianna Failure (cc @TreatyStones) it would have been some semi-coherent bogger, most likely drunk, mumbling their way through it.




You can see now why the majority of FG members voted for him to be leader instead of the empty vessel Varadkar


Coveney sent him home with his Earl Grey in a mug. Sanctimonious home counties would-be toff


The sun :rofl:


He fairly put him back in his box there. The arrogance of some of these British who get ticked off that Paddy is pointing out their faults.

I’m not a fan either way of Fintan O’Toolebox but there’s a video of him at some event in America talking about Brexit and what the backstop is and the “Irish question” in general, and the comments from people are hilarious. Along the lines of who does that uppidy mick think he is telling us how to do things?
I know, with online comments, you have to take it all with a grain of salt but…


The tans still think it’s the middle of the Victorian period …


With all due respects that sums of O Toole’s aloof arrogance . He went to AMERICA to talk to people about Brexit and the British imposed border in Ireland . Why the duck would any normal American give a shit ??


To be Irish is to be American. And to be American is to be Irish.


Here’s a sensible enough discussion of the Coveney interview
Talkback - 17/10/2018 - @bbcradioulster