Brian Dooher


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Fuck me, I thought this was gonna be telling us he was dead


A class act

The quality of scores in that video that he supplied at crucial junctures in big matches is off the scale there.

The best wing forward I’ve seen in my lifetime anyway.

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A great vet.

That point he got in the 05 Final? where the Darragh and Tomas tried to put him 5 rows into the Cusack stand was one of the best points I’ve ever seen.

Colm O’Rourke said that Dooher wasn’t good enough to win an All Ireland.

How did he survive as an analyst after that?

The lttle guy with the big heart

The Jimmy Magee commentary at the beginning there adds an extra layer of gravitas to that

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He got an awful doing off Martin O Connell in the 96 semi. Tyrone were the first team in a long time to do back to back Ulsters that year.

What exactly did o Connell do that year, other than out playing him? Dooher got a bit of a cut and Tyrone have been grieving for him since.

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That was '08.

He got a fine point in the '05 final too though, it was in that period around 25 minutes in when Tyrone started to assert their dominance after not making a great start.

‘my mother hath a very nith hat at home and if Brian dooher ever winth an all Ireland ill eat that hat’



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Brian Dooher is an all time great in my opinion. Monster of a man.

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He actually got fuck all stick for it too. If Spillane or brolly said it we’d never hear the end of it

Dunno would he last in todays game

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Dooher is exactly what makes the gaa great. He looks like he could be your next door neighbour and not really like an athlete at all but then he’s as much class, strength and heart as anyone in the country.


O Connell stood on his head.

Bitter Derry man eulogising Meath thuggery.