British Footballs Child Sex Abuse Scandals


David White the latest to come out after Paul Steward yesterday, and two other footballers, Andy Woodward and Steve Walters

Fucking horrific stuff.


White was a tidy football player


Wtf is wrong with cunts like you?


Scorer of Man City’s first ever Premier League goal. A very tidy player.


Too much of the ash plant as a cub, Kev.



  • 11 people have contacted Cheshire police about child sex abuse in football
  • A different police force is also investigating claims that a youth football coach abused players in the late 1980s in a case entirely unconnected to Crewe
  • Stewart said he was abused ‘every day for four years’ by a different football coach in the 1970s


English football clubs should have to pay compensation to the victims just like the Church. Sell a few club grounds, we’ll see how the atheist crew like it when “their” home ground is an office block.



I see in the Daniel Taylor interviews with first Woodward and then Walters that he mentions the victims’ fears/views that many other young players were abused too. And then he later refers in both pieces to Gary Speed being one of the young players who was believed to have stayed in Bennell’s house when he was coaching him. Seems like it’s leading / inviting the reader to join the dots. Terrible stuff.


In one of these, doesn’t Taylor give a quote from Bennell saying something along the lines of “killing a man” after mentioning Speed?


Bennell’s name came up at the time of Speed’s suicide.

This will grow and grow. Take for example the amount of young Irish boys who went across to the UK to make it as footballers. Staying with god knows who, in god knows where.


The quote is in the Woodward piece with Taylor from last week:

I skimmed over it when reading it last week and didn’t realise Bennell had specifically been asked by reporters about Speed as @myboyblue confirmed via the article he linked.



Why are people so weak? I may get lambasted for this and i have no idea what being a victim of this type pof abuse is like, although i do know what mental abuse attempts are like. But why did NOBODY, even parents who knew, stand up to this cunt. Why did he not get a kicking at the door when he started crying? Why are humans so easily manipulated by devious creatures like this?

Ok i can get a kid having fear. But i can’t get Woodward letting a marraige happen either. And i certainly cannot get a number of parents accepting a few crocodile tears at a door.

Its fucking mental.

And i thought this type of weakness was largely an Irish thing.

The person who recieved the FIFA letter should go to jail now, and for 10-15 years. Shit like that has to be made a serious crime. They put lads away for 7 years for smoking a plant, yet some useless poisionous cunt at FIFA let this monster go on to rape kids. FIFA did this knowingly.


A quick basic maths exercise shows Bennell would have been 33 when he started having a relationship with Woodward’s 16 year old sister.

And the parents were inviting him over for dinner and laughing and joking with him? :fearful:


Did Celtic ever pay compensation for what happened at Celtic Boys Club?


At the time of the abuse the Celtic Boys Club had no formal relationship to the senior football club as far as I know. It was an amateur youth club. There have obviously been allegations that people at the senior club knew about what happened but they’ve always been denied. I presume there had been no compensation claim and therefore none paid but the matter is more serious than financial compensation.


Thank you for your prompt response.



What were Crewe at?