British Footballs Child Sex Abuse Scandals


You would have to think if there had been a change of manager over the years at Crewe that this wouldn’t have been able to continue for so long. I see Gradi still in charge of their academy. Surely he has serious questions to answer now


Sexual abuse of children seems to have been absolutely rampant and tolerated at all levels of society in “the good old days”.


As I have always pointed out to the simple folk who like to blame the church for it in this country. It was a cultural thing, there doesn’t seem to have been big scandals in European countries like Spain, Italy and France like there has been in Britain and Ireland.

I blame the Brits personally.


It seems like an organisation that wielded influence and power at the time (Church, national media, sports) was riddled with paedophilia. You would often hear that abusers were themselves abused so it’s absolutely frightening to think what the levels of abuse must have been like in the first half of the 1900s


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Bit of light reading here


Amazing how frequent the cases are in UK and Ireland in contrast to other European countries. The US and UK would seem to have massive child abuse rates in comparison to other developed countries. I’d imagine Ireland would be up there too.


That’s not what you said though. You said there didn’t seem to have been big scandals elsewhere. There clearly was. Who knows how much the Vatican covered up on their doorstep.

Not excusing what happended here or in UK obviously but sure you often hear of massive paedophile rings on the continent


Odd that you are excusing what went on in Britain



Relative to what happened in Ireland and the UK there was nothing to that scale on the continent with regards the Catholic Church. Contrast a big Catholic country like Spain and it’s timeline and a small country like Ireland for the depth of the deeds.

Child abuse in the church may have taken place in these countries but it was nowhere near as widespread as Ireland and the UK and it was certainly not endemic like it was here.


It seems to be the continental posters that really claiming nothing happened on their patch

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You should be ashamed of yourself


But that’s not what you said. What you said was there were no scandals in those countries. Your having a different argument now.


Here you go.


Quote me where I said that.

What I said was it was much more frequent and widespread in Ireland and the UK than the continent.

I await an apology and retraction.


Yes notice the words big scandals.

Spain has about 10x the population of Ireland yet probably about 20x less church related child abuse sex scandals. It was not a widespread societal problem there.

Some idiots like to park the problem at the door of the church when child abuse was a societal and cultural problem in the UK and Ireland.


Just quoted it above. It’s in black and white.

This is my last engagement with you on the matter. Too important an issue to allow you to drag it into a point scoring exercise


Im australian


No you didn’t. I referenced big scandals, something to the scale that we have seen in Ireland and the UK. You have decided to take some meaning out of that statement that it is not there.

You seem to want to park child abuse scandals and the door of the church when it was a cultural and societal problem. Why did Europe not have church scandals on a similar scale?


North county Corncrake was banned off of here for trying to do similar.


This former director’s claims totally contradict the public statements from Gradi and the current chairman (then vice-chairman) that they were unaware of any allegations against Bennell until he was convicted of child abuse in America.

Serious questions to answer alright from Gradi through to the board of directors about what they knew, when they knew it and what they did or didn’t do. I guess it’s only as more information comes to light that it’ll become apparent the extent to which it was inexplicably turning a blind eye, actively covering up or whether anyone else was involved in the abuse.

The first of those scenarios would be bad enough but the way these stories are being crafted by Daniel Taylor in The Guardian along with his tweets on the subject suggests to me it may be worse than that even.