British Footballs Child Sex Abuse Scandals


How could you work with a lad that you knew was raping young boys and not say anything. Fucked up if true.


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Defending the Catholic Church for sex abuse is the same as saying Hitler had no idea Jews were being killed in WW2.

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I’m not defending the Catholic Church from sex abuse.

I’m saying it was more of a societal and cultural problem in Ireland and the UK than a problem with the Church.

Why is that in bigger countries with every bit as strong or stronger a following for the church that child abuse sex scandals were nothing to the magnitude that they were in Ireland.

A bigot like you will not be able to comprehend that as all you are interested in doing is playing the blame game.




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It was a church problem you cretin.

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You are a paedo supporting filthbag, you wouldn’t last seconds against someone of my capabilities.

You are as bad as any of the priests by trying to protect the church from blame. The Catholic Church are the ONLY organisation to blame in Ireland. They let it happen.


Ya, a real life thing worth getting rattled about, not some some Czech Division 2 League game like no-lifes like yourself watch.


It’s a terrible failure either way whether for sinister reasons (such as didn’t care as long as he was producing very good players, didn’t want the club to be “damaged” by abuse becoming public knowledge etc) or due to plain incompetence and failure to properly investigate it.


Gradi is highly implicated here. Nobody knew that club any better. There is absolutely no way he was not aware of what had gone on. It is preposterous to suggest he is as unaware as he is trying to suggest and anyone buying it is a fucking gobshite.


I don’t support paedophilia whatever your tinfoil hat theories may conclude you to say.

The problem with child abuse in Ireland and the UK is a societal and cultural problem, the Catholic church is the not the only organisation or sector of life where paedophiles have operated. I’ve asked you a number of times to clarify why child sex abuse in the church in other countries with a far bigger population and very bit as strong a place in its society for the church did not have the magnitude of the problems in Ireland? Rational debate is beyond your limitations.

You have neither the guts or capabilities to hurt me physically which is why I can deride without any any fear of consequence. Your bully boy style threats of violent intimidation and legal action have had their bluff called long ago, all they do now is reinforce your deep rooted psychological issues with being a simpleton.

I’m not in the business of making promises I can keep. If you want to exercise you threats, get in touch with me. You don’t threaten someone and then ask them to travel down to you, if you’re serious about this then get in touch.


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You have not asked me to clarify anything. Sex abuse in Ireland starts and ends with the Catholic Church. It has inflitrated many aspects of society. But no Catholic Church, no major paedophillia in Ireland. Thats the small and big of it.


It would not be lights out. You wouldn’t have the balls for it. I’m not the type of person to make threats, threats are for wimps, they are designed to stop something without doing anything. I’ll call your bluff again, I will say what I want without any fear about what a coward like you thinks.

Keep your twin element threats of violence and legal action coming, they will never happen. On the other hand I will show you to be the brainless coward you are.

You are definitely too stupid to start with in this thread. Would you have liked the Catholic Church to have held kangaroo courts in this country or are you completely ignoring the role of government, media, police, judicial and society itself in their inaction against child abuse in this country?

What about the Mary Boyle case which has received significant interest of late, completely ignored by mainstream media and the role of an active FF member who has had his name associated with a cover up for over 30 years?

What about the role of a government minister in failing to investigate child abuse claims about a foster home down the south of the country?

How do the instances of many GAA and other sport coaches getting away with child abuse for years fit in with you one size fits all approach to lay the blame solely with the Catholic Church?

Why was the magnitude of church sex abuse in Ireland not repeated across other European countries which had a similar societal role for the church?



I’m sorry watching the team top of the Bundesliga on BT Sport makes me a “no-life”


it does actually. Wasting your money after been fooled by marketing on mundane monotonous “entertainment”.


Its mundane and monotonous to people who don’t like watching football. I enjoy watching it so it isn’t boring to me


Because the Irish are weak cunts and let the Catholic Church take over. But no church, no paedo rings of note. The cunts are hugely responsible for paedo rings in UK, Oz, USA, South Africa and other parts of Africa and aall known “Catholic” countries including Latin America. The Irish Catholic Church exported paedophillia like we export pork. Thats the fucking reality.

End of story.


“Entertainment” is very much a subjective thing, pal.


I like Football too. Every single team in Germany plays the same way ffs. Its dreadful


Whats your point?

Who is arguing that?