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“Meanwhile, it’s incredible to think that only a short while ago we thought we’d eradicated measles and Nigel Farage. Both have now been brought back, largely by the same people.”


You’d hope so, but I have a slight suspicion that deep down, many of them are happy enough as things are.
TBH though, as part of the GFA, I wonder if they shouldn’t have taken attending Westminster, though given the number of deranged thugs out there it may be safer that they didn’t.
It’s just seems slightly a la carte democracy post GFA.

That is a great oul post all the same.

Liberal democracies must protect themselves from extremists that seek to destroy them. Like free speech, democracy or giving “the country what they want” is limited.

The people have spoken


Andrew Bridgen will have more time to spend with his imaginary Irish passport.

This Russian bot has had enough.

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As mentioned a few times, the Nationalist vote share static since 1998 despite massive demographic swing.

As a proportion of the natural demographics, Nationalist votes going to Alliance and others.

PSF trumpeting beating the SDLP and traditional Unionism going more towards headbangers is covering up this massive failure to advance a United Ireland over the last 25 years.

It is funny that abstentionism is a policy borne out of Arthur Griffith wanting a Dual Monarchy (as dreamed up by Tory Lord Salisbury in the 19th century).

People are entitled to vote for whomever they want but it really is a wasted vote & a funny tactic to still employ.

I hope the fcukers don’t come here, what with that new cloud server and everything.

Meanwhile in the UK, some of the reform candidates may not have even existed.

Actually be a smart enough policy for parties, less actual people in the party the less stupid shit they can do.


Headbanging nutcases eating each other

She’d fit in well on here in thinking a platform to type shit makes anybody care what you think

You’d think she would want to keep the head down and just slither away from the public eye. A fucking moron.


The last bit informs the first.

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What’s an unconservative smoking ban? Is it even a word? :joy:

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