Broadband Dongles

Anyone use them? Are they much use? How would they be for watching videos and the like?

If you are in an area with good coverage (most cities and large towns) then they are fine for general browsing, but you would probably find them poor enough for streaming videos.

No good to me so…

Can you not get fixed line broadband?

Oui, mais pour 18 mois contract.

I use Meteor. Quick enough at off-peak times but you wouldn’t be watching a sporting contest on anything above a 250k stream. Also, the data allowance is poor enough if you’re going to be watching videos. It’s €20 for a month but you’d go through that in about 17-21 days or so.

Runt or the likes might be able to advise…

I am going to go for the wireless broadband option, would i be as well off going for unlimited usage or the 10gb or 40gb packge??? Obviously the unlimited one is a few euros more…

Unless you plan on doing a heap of downloading 10gb would be ok?
Or else treat it like buying wine in a restaurant and get the 2nd cheapest option.

I wouldn’t be doing any downloading, at least not to my knowledge. Most of the stuff i look at is sports sites, sites that make me money, TFK and some porn (streamed). I might well go for the 40gb option so rather than unlimited. But does this mean i could run over my allowance before the end of the month and not be able to do anything?

If that’s all you are going doing you won’t come next or near using the 40gb. Even if you downloaded a few films you still wouldn’t come near it.

One more question mate, the gbs whether i go with 40 or as you suggest 10, won’t necessarily effect my internet speed will it?

No, it won’t make any difference

Quick Runt, i’ve done a test on the internet speed in my area and it showed up as being between 7.0Mb to 17.0Mb speed (estimated 12.0Mb). What is this like? An advisor im speaking to here tells me it’s a “great speed”.

It’s a great speed

Oh super

I can’t go to Cork

I’m here negotitiating the deal with the broadband company now, they have their toughest negotiator working on the deal. They tell me it will take up to 16 working days for an engineer to come out but i want it on Tuesday. They won’t budge…

Did you tell them your from Limerick?

Not yet, i am sparing that for last. We are talking about the 18month contract now and what happens with it in the event of my untimely death.

I’m talking to this woman for the last hour…

Tell her you need it for your work on the Betting Exchanges and you can’t afford to be without internet access for that long.