Budget 2012

No interest in this at all lads no? Are we going to be hammered? What stroke will they pull today and bury in the budget news?

People are probably more focused on Budget 2013.


:lol: … The Runt takes step one on the road to redemption.

Ha-oops. :clap:

I hope they cut the shit out of the dole

I hope they tax the shit out of the rich!

I hope the budget is fair and equitable

:lol: :lol: you’re on fire pal…keep going…

An ideal situation here would be the Welfare cut to shreds and the rich taxed to shit. While I sit in the middle get comparatively wealthy.

If he puts 10c on the pint as rumoured I might actually protest.

Why?, it is hardly going to have any real effect on you. even if you were drinking 20 pints every weekend it would only be an extra €100 or so a year

Because it’s already ridiculously expensive.

the pubs will add on a bit more with it too…

+1. Let’s hope those that can afford to pay i.e Bandage and his accountant friends, end up taking a bit of a hit for once.

come on …they should be left alone after the great auditing jobs they performed in anglo in the past… :lol: :lol:

Will the fella with the big teeth from KPMG be doing the expert role on Primetime tonight. Speaking of KPMG I see the fella with the big hair has stood down as managing partner and been replaced by the fella with no hair. That’s austerity for you.

Double the dole as it all goes back into the economy and has the highest multiplier effect, thereby being a stimulus for small businesses like the ones that wagon Patricia Callan supposedly represents. Increase tax on the rich as their money is just sitting there doing nothing.

Sidney knows the score.

^^^briantinnion, please remind scumpot of the auditor’s responsibilities.Thank you.

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