Budget 2018


Well it is budget time again. Pashcal will be delivering his speech from 1pm tomorrow afternoon. Suppose to be a few goodies in there for us poor folk who get up early in the morning.

Will Pashchal refer to the Budget as Budget 2018 Or will it be budget 2 18?



It’ll be two thoussssand and eighteen. Lucky for Pashcal it’s not 2’16 or 2’17.


will the HTB scheme stay lads?


It shouldn’t but like most things they won’t spend the political capital doing the right thing.


Breakfast in Spencer Dock the morning after is always a highlight of the financial calendar


Tax reductions worth €4-6 per week for those that get up early.

Increases of €5 per payment for those that don’t


Its a fiver for everyone in the audience.


That fiver will be clawed back by 50 cents on 20 cigarettes.


Great country




Today’s budget will be the first budget in 10 years to balance the books.


Mortgage interest relief being cut :angry:


Good enough for ye. Why should a few cunts that bought their house in a certain period of time get preference over the rest of us?


Take the fiver off the doleheads and let everyone have mortgage interest relief.


And how is it being balanced ?
By increasing the income the state get from property transactions.

I think I’ve read this book before …


Doleheads and pensioners can’t be touched. I do believe that dole payments should be reduced each year that someone is on dole after the first 2 years.



I see they’re adding 1,300 more layabouts onto the state payroll in the guise of additional teacher posts.


The free money tree brigade still dictating public policy for our supposed fiscally right wing party.