Budget 2018


They can’t even do being right wing properly.
They wait until we are basically back at full employment and the only people who can’t get a job with a bit of effort are the ones who refuse to get a job and what do they do? They fucking increase the dole.
Was anyone even looking for the increase? Should have been cut by a fiver if anything. I’d pay €300 a week for the first six months on the dole, €200 a week for the next six months then €150 from then on. A lot of people end up on the dole through no fault of their own and everything should be done to facilitate them getting back to work, but the rest of the cunts can go fuck themselves


€150 a month?


I have always told you people that there are no properly fiscal conservative parties in Ireland but on and on we go talking about FG being one.

Plenty of people were looking for an increase- that’s the problem. If you are in receipt of any kind of state funding your voice is automatically louder in the media than someone saying put on the brakes.

FG are just in the centre.


Sorry a week


Fucking 6% stamp duty has ruined my week


Fucking Marxist cnuts running the country .


And mortgage interest relief to be phased out by 2020, yet they will literally give people 20,000 to buy a 500k gaff.


Incredible to see lads complaining about a fiver a week increase to the unemployed while backing the government’s stance on refusing to collect 13bn in tax from Apple.

At current unemployment levels that 13bn would cover the fiver increase for the next 238 years.


Incredible that those who believe Apple are not contributing enough to the states finances are in favour of a €5 increase for those that actually contribute nothing


We must have the highest price for a pack of smokes in the world now? It’s a fuckin joke gettin hammered every year now whatever about putting it up 10-15cent fuckin 50 and same last year,I remember the glory days of £3.20 for 20


Stop smoking then


Why should I? I enjoy a smoke but paying that money is a joke,the fucking wasters of the country will be grand with it sure their 5 quid extra a week for pulling their plods will cover them.


Think they are £12 in U.K. OZ, NZ and Norway all more expensive but that’s about it


I don’t care whether you stop or not but that’s the solution to your problem


The government need to be careful or then people actually might. What would they do then?


A fiver a week is really going to be life changing. Some right hungry cunts on here.


Tax on cigarettes is a tax on weak willed people.


0.005 % is a meagre contribution compared to those who lost jobs and are now on the dole while those responsible for the crash were able to fob their debts off on the nation.


Who was responsible for the crash in your opinion?


His MO is that it is corporates and the elites who solely contribute to the issues we face and the little guy is never an issue.