Budget 2018


Not a case of who but what. Greed. I would consider those that begrudge the less fortunate who got a fiver extra in the budget to be greedy.


Incorrect. I believe everyone should pay their fair share. 0.005 tax on profits would be a fair share if everyone was afforded a similar rate. I pay 50% tax on some of my income. Quite the variance. I don’t mind paying it. I’m not greedy.


There is a very low long term unemployment in this country. What kind of a miserable cunt would complain about someone temporarily out of work getting an extra fiver?


I was telling some of my British friends that people on the dole in Oireland get a Christmas bonus, you should have see their reaction


But you said “those responsible” - that would suggest you have specific people/groups in mind as being to blame


So the state should construct tax dodging schemes for the billionaires that own Apple? And Irish people out of work should be punished to make it possible? Budget day always brings the bootlickers out :smile:


Because when you get cancer our health service will have take care of you.


No apple should pay their tax and those on the dole should be euthanised


Smokers contribute more in taxes than they take in costs. They also die younger and take less of a pension. It’s one of the few vices that covers itself. Alcohol for example doesn’t cover the costs when healthcare, violence, accidents etc are taken into account.


Anyone who got greedy. A lot of people got carried away and paid the price. Some paid a disproportionately higher price than others. People who lost their jobs but still had to honour debts. Others got away scot free. Ahern, Cowan, Kenny, Pat Neary. Others made massive profits from the collapse. Vulture Funds came in, bought assets at knockdown down prices and were allowed set up as charity to reduce their tax liability. Those that suffered least are probably the ones that would begrudge a fiver increase to those that suffered most.


That I pay a nice amount for with health insurance.


I walked up moore st last week and there was at least a dozen lads selling illegal fags in plain view


Do you think your health insurance created the system that’s going to care for you? Paid for the research? Educated the doctors, the nurses, the researchers? Your health insurance lets you skip queues but that’s the height of it.


No the pakistani Government did :rollseyes:


They get two bonuses. They get to see a successful man like yourself around the homeplace for the Christmas as well.


This Apple issue with you is extremely tedious. You bring it up non stop. Please refer to one of the numerous discussions (i.e. me giving you facts, you showing what little you know on the matter) we have previously had. Even still, let’s just park that for a second, people keep bringing it up as a cure for Ireland’s ills. It is less than 20% of our annual spend. It is less than 10% of our debt. It is not a panacea to our problems, regardless on ones opinion on whether it is owed. Bringing it up is a pathetic way to deflect from the issue at hand.

Last year’s budget meant that the 5 euro increase all welfare recipients got would only be achieved by a worker if they were on pretty much 50k a year, i.e. paying that marginal rate of tax for a third of their income. Not fair, but tax payers continue to roll over and allow it because the whingers and those who take and take from the state direct public policy.



5.5% is considered full employment in Ireland, in other jurisdictions it is 3.5%. That is because we have multi generational familieis who refuse to work. We have an open ended welfare system which provides far too easy a way for people to stay on it rather than move into employment at the lowest levels. We have a progressive tax system for lower income earners which is great, but our welfare is too generous.

I wouldn’t even have an issue with the welfare spend as such, if it was spent better. Cutting welfare over time is a way to cut out long term people sponging off the system. This is done in plenty of European countries the left in Ireland like to cite (only when it suits them though, we can ignore their equivalent homelessness rate apparently).


Careful the fucking bleeding hearts hate to be told the truth.


I heard fuck all of the budget day apart from snippets and am only in the door from work. Did I hear something about a reduction in BIK for company cars?


Will you have to buy your own biros?