Budget 2019


Fill in all your Budget 2019 observations here.




Smokers are going to get fucked again.


Diesel drivers too.


Sounds like anyone going out to work and paying taxes are going to be fucked. There will be a tax decrease but by the time the increase the taxes on other things it will be wiped out.


Free houses for everyone else


Dont forget the stables and land for the ponies as well.


The working man will get €2 a week back while the dolers , as the country approaches full employment, will get an extra fiver.


Another fiver, they got that last year as well.


Makes sense, best way of ensuring it goes back into the local economy.


If its not worth their while to work then make it so, cut USC and raise tax brackets, raise minimum wage even. Don’t have to cut the dole. Or else stay happy with people who never value work having to earn anything, and associated problems that brings


If it stayed local no issue. But if it goes to lanza and vegas?


What are you on about?




Smokers who can’t afford to smoke shouldn’t be smoking.


Smoking is a rich man’s pursuit.


Smokers are jokers.


It’s not about affording them it’s getting ripped off.


Thats peasant talk