Budget 2019


Come out of the can, fanta.


I presume CM is on about the VAT increase mate.


hotels are at full occupancy in major cities at huge prices. The VAT is about 8 quid extra on a 200 euro room.

The minimum wage hits those industries hard as they employ a lot of minimum wage workers. Their wage bill just went up by 2.5 per cent plus social insurance on top of that.

That doesn’t fit the narrative though.

RBB is annoyed landlords right to offset mortgage interest was restored to 100 per cent even though it was pointed out that fewer landlords means fewer properties to rent and landlords are leaving the market in their droves.


17 billion on health per annum is unbelievable considering how shocking the service is.

UHL has the top number of people on trolleys 2 or 3 days a week. Its a scandal in there.


2 billion overrun. It really is a black hole

Could we not just give every citizen 6 million to fund their healthcare in Europe or the US as the need arises and just have triage services here.


Zero sympathy for hoteliers, thieveing bastards when they can get away with it.
Cigarettes on the other hand should be raised to the round E20 per packet. I’ve quit after 52 years.


Yeah - price a hotel room for any major event and they jack up price. Supply and demand they say. Welcome to the real world then lads and don’t ask for subsidies.

They should raise cigarettes to 20 euro and allow a subsidy for pipe smokers to cultivate a nation of pipe smoking as a tourist attraction.


I bumped into him at a Leonard Cohen concert a few years ago and he had quite a manly cut about him.


Would that be down to the stabbings on a Friday and Saturday night?


20 fags should be 75 euro, braindead cunts still smoking


We’d all turn into @Fagan_ODowd




pearse Daugherty on the news here, looks like he is reading a sinn fein leaflet


Varadkar on the news here now, a stuttering gobshite, an embarrassment, no gravitas or sense of power about him


Miriam is some lackey … RTE with their pro government stance are utter cunt bags.

Paschal is like a lad doing the leaving with all his rote answers.


not one bit of gravitas, charisma or power between the lot of them


A good budget for the layabout, nothing in it at all for working families.


100% mortgage relief for landlords. About time, landlords have been ridden by all and sundry since the crash



You could respect this. Prudent, yet visionary.


He really irks me. I’d rather if he was a cunt, but he has this goody two shoes, everyone’s best friend air about him.