Budget 2019


How did it end up?


Some cuntfest of a panel on RTE.


We all partied - and partied hard.


He’s the only one of the current government that has a good handle on his brief, comfortably the smartest of them I’d say.


He has a lisp


And he is a Fine Gael cunt.


This Karl Deeter is some weirdo. Blinking away like a gimp.


Paschal reminds me of Brick Tamlin/Tamland from Anchorman.

There’s something not right about him.


A strange accent too, sounds like Gmac, an absolute fucking mess of a man.


Any thing to Dieter Hamann I wonder?


He makes an interesting point tho … how do we have so many single occupants of state owned 2/3/4 bedroom houses?


We lost the Church.


Thank fuck.


He shows up on The Tonight Show on TV3 now and again too and any time someone challenges him or if he disagrees with something he just starts blinking uncontrollably.


That’s the price of fornication.


He was Renua’s ethics officer. It’s no wonder they disappeared with out trace with clowns like him in the fold.


I havent watched that show since VB retired, but you’re dead right. He’s some ape of a man.

German fucking gobshite with a bad eye.


very powerful scene there in the last samurai


Didn’t know he was a Renua clownshoe.


He is from the US but brought up in fingal

He was a likeable oddball