Budget 2019



You weren’t long in Chicago mate



And surprisingly he can be a narky fucker when his tail gets tweaked. He’s fired off not 1 but 2 mildly abrasive ripostes here already. Paschal is not to be trifled with despite the urbane attitude. A count anyway.


My thoughts on the budget.

The hotel sector can fuck right off.
I’d say the HSE would consume an infinite amount of money with no improvements if it was let. There must be billions in savings there that could be spent on any number of things. No one wants to grasp that nettle though.
All the housing stuff is just tinkering at the edges and probably only making things worse. I think the vacant site levy is the only proposal that might actually have any effect and they should have upped the cost to make it really bite.
Fucking €5 for everyone shite would make you sick. Keep the fucking money and spend it on shit that will generate a benefit to our lives. Roads, public transport, a fucking white elephant project. Whatever it is would generate far more benefits and spin offs than just giving people a €5 a week.
The amount of welfare we give out in this country is fucking scandalous. When is someone going to shout stop? And FG are supposed to be the ones who don’t care about the poor :joy: The Shinners will have everyone on the dole on €30k a year before we know it.

What really kills me about this country is the amount of things the Government could tackle that would genuinely improve peoples standards of living and not cost the state a penny.

  1. Force banks to reduce their mortgage rates
  2. Fix the car insurance market, by reducing payouts and actually punishing fraudsters and then forcing insurers to lower premiums substantially.
  3. Same with health. Them cunts don’t need another penny they just need to start using it properly. €17 fucking billion, that’s about €3,000 a head. They could just buy everyone of us private health insurance for that with all the bells and whistles.
  4. Childcare costs are insane as well, there has to be a better way of doing it.

You could easily put an extra couple of grand in peoples pockets without costing the tax payer a cent.


I found myself nodding in agreement with all that, especially the part about scum fein


You’ll have to move home when they getting into power mate, there’ll be free houses for everyone.


just like Labour and that arsehole Cobyn on the mainland, same auld shite


Hear, here.


What, where?


Do you have a newsletter or anything?


Not yet but I’m thinking of starting a personality cult based political movement. I just need to get a personality first


The whole corporate side of the house is completely ignored.

Since the crash, we have guaranteed to pay the creditors of the banks, took all their dodgy loans off their balance sheet, sold half of Dublin and London for nothing to vultures wanting to make a quick buck, and brought through legislation which allows the same vultures not to pay tax on their income.

Mental stuff.

Yet here we are talking about VAT going from 9% to 13.5% - just as the government wants us to do.


Use the @TreatyStones as a mascot.


And what will happen? … we’ll have another FG/FF government voted in next year.


Oh - and those same banks are making profits but we are not taxing them.

Pearse Doherty brought this up last night and Paschal said that he didn’t want the banks raising bank charges as a result and further crippling people. So as always the banks are in charge.


They could sort out mortgage rates in two minutes by licensing European operators to come into the market. But if the bank’s get undercut to that degree they will be to recapitalised again, so we bending over for the banks again.

I don’t understand why they won’t regulate insurance companies. They simply refuse to grasp this nettle. Our legal awards are way too high though.

Health is another area where they’ll only tinker around the edges, they may as well be pissing in the wind.

Agreed. I don’t see why the state can’t run it.


Michael Noonan was a great man.


Are a Spanish bank not coming into the market and teaming up with An Post?


He is a horrid cunt.