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There was I think.


Nothing the legal profession does is efficient. It’s a problem that relates to a few of the issues we discussed here. The troika identified it as a major issue and it was one of the things we were tasked with sorting out, but of course we completely funked it.


Yes , they did . This CMC binned this tax ( 6 %) .


The legal profession is wonderfully efficient at looking after the legal profession .


It sure is. It’s arguably the worst cartel left in the country with massive knock on effects. Access to justice is pretty much zero for most people.


Sorry but how have I?

You claimed that banks could have enforced mortgage contracts but didn’t, because these were “assets” and good for the balance sheet. These “assets” were substantively written down, and cost the banks a fortune in trying to engage with them.

Read the annual reports of banks.

Due to political factors and the courts, these banks were not going after people like they should have, so the likes of PTSB sold that tranche off. In sum, this cost customers of the banks and Irish taxpayers more money due to this lack of enforcement.

You mention negative equity and balance sheets but seem confused as to what is being talked about. If you are in negative equity but paying, or course they are not going to come after you. You are fulfilling the value of their contract. We are talking about the homeowners who stopped paying altogether, or failed to properly engage, who cost all of us money. Loans not being paid back will not have much asset value. It is basic cash flows.




Their fees might be high but Ireland has one of the most accessible court systems in the world.


Agreed and definitely a strong vested interest that needs to be confronted. I think FG have definitely dragged their heels on that side of things


I wouldn’t call it particularly accessible if fees are so high


In terms of “justice”, what do you want? Our legal aid is helps anyone without means.

We have allow sorts of courts, from employment to the small claims courts for issues.

Those fucked over by high legal fees the most are SMEs.


You should do a position paper on AIB


If they were being well run maybe. AIB is a shambles and whatever profit we might take out of it is offset by its failure to deliver any meaningful competition and an inability to serve its market in a meaningful way


I see Pathchal closed off that tax break for Teslas.


There was ya. I think you might have had an option to pay the tax on your bet or on the winnings if there were any? Or am I imagining that?


More nonsense.


Did he cap it

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At 50k.

Think the XC 90 is a plug in hybrid. You wouldn’t get much change out of 100k for a properly specced one.



Her surname is wonderfully apt .


She called one of her sons Johnny too, which is good on so many levels.