Budget 2019


Is this before or after the shoplifting?


she is a horrible ignorant woman and a terrible mother. only in Oireland would someone like her become some sort of social figurehead.
‘de state is robbin us blind’ says she
‘de durty gubberment is robbin de money from de poor people’ says she

a gas country.




Is this accurate ?( probably is knowing this country) Did she say this?


That’s unbelievable… 51k for lying on her back.


Oh she did. Well she screeched it at the protest last week when she was interviewed on the radio and said it on Claire Byrne the other night.


1000 pound a week into the hand. Absolutely disgusting


You’re correct


Yep it is pathetic that someone has 7 kids they cant afford and the state gives over 50k in benefits a year to her and its everyone else’s fault.


You’d probably want to be earning €70k to come out with that in your hand.


What do you suggest? Take the kids off her? Kick her out on the street? Make the kids go hungry and wear sackcloth?


Is that an option?


True. You’d get nothing for 50k. The hybrids are very pricy.


It would be if the screaming Mary’s had their way.

They’d then proceed to give out that the social worker they hired to confiscate the children was getting paid too much.


How many kids did she have since she became homeless?

I would say one anyway.


I would suggest not having 7 fucking kids when you cant fucking afford them and expect everyone else to pay for it.


Great. Too late. The kids are there now. That is the situation. What is your suggestion to deal with it?


Why, should that child be treated any differently?


Of course not.

I am just pointing out that people who have kids while homeless are very irresponsible bordering on the cruel. It’s difficult to have sympathy for their situation.


Foster the kids till she can afford to support them.