Budget 2019


Hopefully some one throws up a link so we can all see.


Maybe you could ask some of your Sinn Fein TDs? Weren’t they supposed to be living on the average industrial wage there for a while?


They were — but with the spiraling cost of living in this country most of them couldnt sustain it ---- which in itself highlights how much of a sham the recent budget was and the kick in the teeth the government gave working people while encouraging the hand out crew to go and have another kid or occupy a garda station.


I suppose it was tough for them trying to keep up with the party activists shopping in Brown Thomas.


A man is entitled to spend his well earned money any way he likes.


The only squeezed middle you’d know about is trying to force your pudgy belly into your pants.


I’m an athlete… Check out my snaps on insta or Twitter and you’ll see I’m in immense shape. I’m off now for a 1.5k run before an hour long game of 10 aside soccer and a 1.5k run home.


whilst owning a few holiday homes in Donegal, why do Scum Fein hate people who work for a living?


That’s great exercising mate. Would your calves not be on fire for the return 1.5k?

Post up a link to your insta. Love exercise blogs.


You appear a very confused individual.
Why are you a member of a socialist party if you’re not a socialist?
…or have you convinced Sinn Fein to give up on the socialist nonsense already?




Welcome to the squeezed middle bud!


I got €1600 gross in a back pay mistake thing last month, I actually ended up with €900 odd after tax etc.
Same week I paid 2 x €100 A&E bills, along with my private health insurance… they didn’t even use lube*

  • that’s not a reference to the A & E visits.


I’m driving the party.


Not usually…I’d be fairly taking my time on way home tho
I had to get a left home tonight… Went in for a lovely 50/50 which I just about won but walloped my shin off his and there is a golf ball sized bump on my shin… Neither of us said anything but your man went in goals soon after…the last kick of the game I stuck my leg out to block a cross and of course it hit me right on the lump on my shin. I was laid out for 5 mins.


Boo-boo :baby: