Budget 2019


I know she’s getting 51k in state aid for lying on her back.

That’s what i know about it.

I know plenty of friends / family struggling to pay for child care and working all round the clock and no one gives two fucks about them.

As someone that intends to enter the kid market soon, it worries me greatly as I am forking out crazy rent currently, my mrs is self employed and wont get 9 months paid leave and no one will give two fucks about us either …

We’re trying to be responsible … as are the friends/ family I mentioned — but this lady has just kept spitting out children and is demanding more from the state - no accountability, no responsibility, just entitlement.

No doubt you’ll have a witty one liner … but the sense of entitlement from the hand out brigade is ridiculous. There’s couples out there working hard and they feel trapped and see no light at the end of the tunnel yet people like this lady will never have to worry about paying for much. I’m not saying she has it easy but take some fucking accountability and stop having kids and expecting the state to pay your way.


Sure she tries not to pay for the clothes either. This one wants everything for free.



Didn’t take you long to become a fine gaeler.



Because I’m looking for fairness across the board?


He’s trying very hard today.

If he came out with that guff at the next Shinner meeting he’d get a visit from the nutting squad in the toilets.


Unlike you, i’m not afraid to voice my opinions in public and have done at many marching drills.


When he turns up to the next Shinner meeting in BT’s finest they’ll surely laugh him out of the party? Or is that standard wear for champagne socialists these days?


I’m a nationalist … I’m not a socialist.


You should be joining FF then mate



I’m not a cunt, mate.


It’s actually around 2400 per week or thereabouts. 120k upwards annually to foster the full litter.
You’d be mad not to…




You don’t know own whether you’re coming or going you silly fanny.


I know exactly what I’m doing … Your defence of all things left is farcical. You and your ilk are to blame as much as anyone for the handout culture in this country - you dont believe in personal responsibility/ accountability and you’re happy to pander to cunts ripping off the state. I’m all for helping people out but there has to be a level of fairness across the board… you’re a bleeding heart mate — you’ll always side with a darkie or a traveller no matter how ridiculous the cause.


Typical blueshirt nonsense.


Great response.

The blueshirts have no interest in the squeezed middle - the exact people i’m fighting tooth and nail for with strangers on an internet forum.


Get them picking a few stones, a few days on the bog, Jaysus it would crown them


Is there info / stats available to show how many people on Welfare are receiving more than the industrial wage in payments?


How much do people on the average industrial wage earn in welfare payments?