Budget 2'17

Sounds like it’s going to be fuck all use to me based on the leaks to date.

Drinks and fuel unchanged, increasing the tax on fags by 50c.
An extra €5 for pensioners, a child care package and a first timers buying grant seem to be the big ticket items.

So far:

Farmers who have an “exceptionally poor year” can step out of income averaging and only pay the tax dur on a current year basis.

A new loan fund with interest rates of below 3pc and “highly flexible” is to be made available to help farmers.

Capital Gains Tax on start-up business is to be halved to 10pc on gains of up to €1m.

Noonan: Special VAT rate of 9pc for tourism sector will be maintained to act as a buffer against weakness in sterling.

First time buyers getting a 5% tax rebate over 4 years to buy a newly built house.

Surely all this will do is drive up the price of something that is already in very short supply?


What newly built houses is what I want to know

Also I amended the title @TreatyStones sloppy work


Also why should a first time buyer who is able to spend 600K on a new house be given a tax break?


So that developers can charge more for a house?

It’s only up to 400k isn’t it?

USC changes - 1pc rate down to 0.5pc, 3pc to 2.5pc and 5.5p to 5pc

What’s this worth to me?

€5 a week to those on 50k, so you should get about €1.25


Bout three fiddy

DIRT tax reduced by 2pc to 39pc

Persil will be delighted.

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A decent chunk I’d imagine. FG look after the grey voting block and the upper middle classes (themselves) again.

It’s not, its €240 a year to someone on considerably more than the average wage.

Better than a shoe up the hole.

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Good news for those thinking about knocking off their parents

Inheritance tax free thresholds going up. Category A (parent to child) to €310,000; other thresholds (nephews, grandchildren) by 8pc. About time, but still well off pre crash €500k. Impacts badly on only children, especially in Dublin.

More for salt of D Earth self employed folk like myself I believe.

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Self-employed tax credit rises by €400 bringing it to €950.

Corporation Tax… is set at 12.5%