Called for jury duty

I received a mail there informing me I have to attend a jury in mid July!!! I have no notion of doing this but how the fuck can I avoid it??? HELP!!!

Claim insanity or that you thought junior infants for years.

Seriously lads??? I really don’t want to do this shite.

I’ll always remember where I was and what I was doing when I heard Katy French was in a drug-addled coma. Like the odd kid out at the end of the pick who isn’t allowed play football in the schoolyard at lunchtime, I’d just been shamefully overlooked for jury duty in the Four Courts.

Go along and tell us all about your experiences. It’s a fun day out and you get to meet lots of interesting people.

Mr Toes goes to Washington. :frowning:

What murder cases are up for decision in the next while? Any Limerick gangland stuff? I wouldn’t want to be on a jury for something like that, especially with the possibility of myself and family being threatened. But I’d do it if called by my country.

:o :unsure: Ooooooohh fuck this.

Just tell them that you’re prejudiced against all religions

Kill, kill, kill

You could try falling in love with the defendant. Blowing kisses etc across the courtroom should help.

Make sure and post all the sensitive information on here regarding the case.

I imagine it will go something like this…

You could just do your civic duty and turn up. I’m sure the world would keep turning and whoever employs you would find some other monkey to push the buttons for a couple of days.

[font=arial][size=2]Getting out of this shit is easy.[/size][/font]

Say your at silage or drawing turf

Your name and address will be read before the court, Wayne Dundon or his cronies will track you down and kill you.

Moe knows. :clap:

You will be objected to by the prosecution for being too sympathetic with the defendant (NAP)

Just tell them of your place of work, c***m, and as SS says you will then definitely be ruled out for being too sympathetic to the defendant (you scumbag)