Calling admin - Urgent issue


Forum favourite Ebenezzer cant seem to log in

please fix






Can we get an update on this ticket please admins? Could see fellas rethink their subscription payments if technical issues like this are not resolved in a timely manner


Issues like this do little to silence the debate on outsourcing the forums administration . Surely resetting his logins should not take this long


Has Ebeneezer been silenced?



this is urgent




Has his missus gone out?


I believe this to be the case


There’s no late night boxing matches coming up so need to allow him back on really.


It seems the Malahide/SF brigade have let the mask slip again.


He was begging to be banned.


only a slap of the wrists for disgusting racism.


Banned for a few days for the most disgusting vitriol towards travellers ever seen on the site, and @HBV who defends travellers gets three months. Similar to the Irish justice system really.


They’re worse than any traveller.


He used the N word last on the BDO darts thread, got off very lightly it seems you get fuck all of a ban for using the most derogatory term but HVB gets two months for being anti traveller.


And the Horse Racing thread…




Banning lads from the forum is an awful thing to do.