Calling admin - Urgent issue


This model of internet comment is becoming unviable, if the comment is to be within the law at all times as well as the bounds of good taste.

In that context, the unreasonable sense of entitlement displayed by a growing minority of Registered Users is very apparent.

There is a sense that they can just register under a pseudonym, pay nothing towards the upkeep of the site or towards an insurance against libel matched by a total lack of any attempt to even understand – let alone accept – that we have a right, and a duty, to administer this site in accordance with the law and in the interests of everyone who uses it.


Well said.




You should be banned yourself for accusing TFK of good taste.


That fellow may decide not to ever post here again.


Yet @GeoffreyBoycott offends the Jewish community at every turn.


Are you Jewish?


I’m not but he consistently uses the Y word which is a derogatory comment for Jewish people.


What do you care? Why do you get upset on other peoples behalf? He can say what he likes.


I feel it’s an injustice a good guy like Ebz can get punished for a once-off throwaway comment yet Boycott consistently uses derogatory terms for the Jewish community without sanction.


Do it right so. Paid registrations, limit multiple log ins from same ips etc. Access to paid members only. It’ll pay tbe bills without you losing control. But if bans are gonna be there, same for everyone. HBV has got a worse doing than steven avery at this stage.


I see where you’re coming from there. Moderators imagine they have to protect the world.


Ah here.


Moderaters have a job to do and we’d end up in the gutter very quickly without them.


That’s a good one.




How long have you been doing comedy?


What’s the context here?


You’re very selective in your outrage. Did you feel that intermittent Spurs fan @The_Selfish_Giant was offending the Jewish community here?


Hi Guys, Im new around here, hows everyone?