Calling admin - Urgent issue


no backseat modding please


Welcome back pal


Are you from the Congo?




@Rocko give me a bell urgent. It’s a matter of life and death*


Hello my dear friend


You consistently use it, that’s my issue. You have been asked to desist from using that derogatory term on countless occasions now but you can’t help yourself from being offensive and racist.


I am coming over to Oireland soon to find a long lost brother.


What sort of brother


Make sure to get tested first


I only have rabies


Thats alright so, it’s the HBV virus we don’t want here.


A half brother. I won the Ugandan lottery and I need his bank account number and sort code.


@hbv has been blackguarded again. @bandage is very selective in what offends ‘good taste’

There was also a mention of laws there. What laws did he break or was in danger of breaking?


What’s this ‘we’ you snivelling little cunt? You’ve a handful of posts, what idea of ‘we’ do you have?


I made a horrible mistake by using that vile term


Its not a derogatory terms when used by us Spurs fans in reference to ourselves.

How do you feel about @The_Selfish_Giant constantly giving likes to posts from Spurs hater (or maybe that’s pretend Spurs hater) @Special_Olympiakos when he consistently used the word Yid? Odd that you’ve never seen fit to pull up @Special_Olympiakos for his consistent use of the word Yid or to pull up @The_Selfish_Giant for consistently giving a like rating to posts containing the use of the word Yid.


@HBV real sin is that he’s not part of the Pretend IRA/Glasgow Celtic clique. If you’re in that crew, you have carte blanche and immunity to say whatever you want here.


There’s some very unsavoury anti nordie sentiment. If the same level of vitriol was shown towards Italians I’d be deeply offended.


Ebeneezer is surely in that clique though? :thinking: